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Hii, i'm 21 years old boy, studying pharmacy from a university. it all started when i joined university for studying pharmacy. I was selected from the waiting list, so my admission was 2 weeks after classes started. Our batch was... Back to text


March 15, 2013 • by Chinese

you really have a nice's very interesting and i wish you get on well on your own.


March 11, 2013 • by KOsyMwimjKfkYLEF

I'm doing mine on cream homespun, just bcuseae it goes well with the colours I've choosen. Looking at the photos it seems a variety of different materials are being used. The book suggested tea stained, which of coruse goes really well with the material Anni Downs used. My friend is using 2 different ones - one for the small stitcheries and a different one for the larger stitcheries.Sorry, my rambling is really no help at all.


January 7, 2013 • by Lori

let her go...find a new girl

Being Rahul

December 22, 2012 • by Being Rahul

luk..sum luv stories r rather felt by heart instead of using ur voice..jst talk 2ur frnd nrmally WIDOUT MENTIONING ANYTHING THT HAPENED WD BOTH OF U IN D PAST..
u wil notice tht she is unintentionaly cuming closer 2u..
Bt b careful..!! she wil nt acept ths truth at d begining bt gradualy she wil hrslf cnfes to u tht she hs feelngs 4u wich r more thn frndshp..!!

For nw jst gve hr tym to frgt hr past..nd meanwhile bth of u cn talk abt any mater othr dn hr past..

There is a vry strng formula tht wrks in evry rlationship..
tht is ur ability to listn to a prsn..u hve b a gud listnr.she wud thn realise tht u r d nly one prsn who cares 4 hr n listns ol hr hapinesses n sorows..
on d othr hnd..u wil also cum to knw hr prsnt state of mind... :)


December 9, 2012 • by Raja

Bhai tu toh mera bhai nikla , samething is happened to me also


December 4, 2012 • by Sha

hi, i think u should let her go or wait on time. let time decide what will happen if she love u and have any feeling for u she will tell u. don't force her in any relationship. every thing happen for a goood reason


December 1, 2012 • by Aaronbash

Its hurts me so much when i thing about the good times we shared,the plans we had,the promises........


November 30, 2012 • by Sanju

Hey you love story is awesome and it is seem that ur love is true love dont force her for anyting she will never understand ur love diviret ur mind from her to anohter work make u r career and see then one day will come ull meet a peroson who only love u a lot. best of luck


November 27, 2012 • by Cha

if you really love her.. and you feel that she felt something for.. just wait for her to be ready to fall in love again.. she maybe just too cautios to be inlove again and being hurt again....if i were you..just be patience for this is the time that she needs you most...anyway.. LOVE NEVER EXPECTS IN RETURN.. IF ITS REALLY "LOVE"


November 25, 2012 • by Deepu

Hi! Dear, I have read your story. As a friend I am sharing my views may be these are helpful for you. Firstly, love is not the thing to say it is the thing to feel. So, try to feel her your love. you can once watch Indian Movie Namaste London. Do not force her to love you. Try to understand her emotions. May be she lost her faith on boys. Try to return her faith. This may be help you to make a place in her heart. Best fo luck

Satyakinkar dey

November 25, 2012 • by Satyakinkar dey

Thnx priya for reading the story..

Satyakinkar dey

November 24, 2012 • by Satyakinkar dey

Thnx priya for reading the story, hope u liked my sad story...

Priya jha

November 22, 2012 • by Priya jha

awesome stories when I hear these lines I feel lovely ........priya

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Never love someone too much

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