Never love someone too much

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Hii, i'm 21 years old boy, studying pharmacy from a university. it all started when i joined university for studying pharmacy. I was selected from the waiting list, so my admission was 2 weeks after classes started. Our batch was the 1st batch of this university seeking pharmacy. I was happy that i will be a pharmacist one day. First day, when i entered the class, i was familiar with only two students, one is a boy & onether one is girl, rest are new. I seated on a seat and was checking every one. I saw a gud looking girl, stared at her for few seconds. I'm addicted to facebook, so search her name n luckily found her profilen send her frnd request, she accepted, soon we started to talk via phone n also become familiar with everyone in the class, we become good friends and used to share everythings with each other. This went for 2 months i started to like her but dint tell her, then 1 month vacation started. After vacation, she said she like a boy n that boy also likes her n they started relationship which is still going on. I dint felt anything bad. Just i stoped talking with her.

Now the main story started, there is another girl in our class, she is childish, cute n sweet in nature, we used to come to the university in the same bus but never talk with her actually, but i dont know when i started to feel for her. I used to stare at her everyday and she also never talked with me in person, i got to know the she had a boyfriend who cheated her, then again have a boyfriend. I was sad knowing this, then days goes on like this. I wanted to talk to her but had no courage how to start. Finally 1 day, i asked for her phone number, she gave me without asking anything as we are classmates, then i started sending jokes and all that, she also replied me with same, few days goes same way. One day i decided to really talk with her, so we talked soon she became very free with me and started to share everything with me. I was very happy with this talking with her everyday, suddenly 1 day her bf broke up with her n she was very sad n decided that she will never hav bf anymore. Few day went this way. She also said she still likes his 1st bf, they talk sometime. I thought may be i have no chance to b her love. 1 day, i shared my feeling for her to her n hearing this she become shocked n said to be her friend nothing more as she dont want anyone anymore, i tried to make her realize how i feel for her but she never understood that. N kept on saying to be her friend only other wise she will not talk, i agreed to her. Few days later, again told her that i love her but she said no, i tried many times bt she kept on saying no bt i kept my hope alive believing that 1 day she will love me. Somtime we had urguments on this bt soon everything used to become ok n we used to talk like nothing happened. My love for her was growing day by day but she never understood that. I also hurted her many times but not intentionallyn for that i said soory to her from my heart many times. I cant do anything other than hoping. Still, everything is ok, we were talking everyday. Sometime, we used to have urguments n dint used to talk for 2-3 days again she used to start talking. She also hurted me many times but i never let her know. One day, i was in angry mood, n talk angrily with her, and we stoped talking n i decided not to talk to her again but again talked with me n said to be my friend only. I aid ok n dint tried to talk to her much, now from few days, we dont talk.. But i still love her n will love her always. May be she is not the right girl for me. I just want her to be happy always no matter with whom. I'm still waiting for her. everything started in 2011. She never said that she wont talk to me. I know if i talk again, she will talk but i dont want to, when i talk i get hurted. Tommorrow, i'm going to see her in class after few day, i wont look at her. I know she will look at me without my notice. She always do like this. I dont know what will happen next. Just hoping for the best.

Guys plz comment n share your views. It may be little long. Bt hope u will like it.

Thanks for reading my story.