Love or parents

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I am a 17 years old girl, going through hell with my mother because of my boyfriend, who is poor just like me, but he graduated High, going to college in january, he's into an athletic career, he plays Basketball, and he wants to study medical courses also. I haven't finished yet because of her instability, moving from places back and forth,but I'm getting my GED, I'm into modeling career and medical too. Well, since he's 18 he don't have a so good job, he gets payed 200 dollars a week, and that's pretty much to buy he's own little stuff.

I think back then my mom had a bad experience with love because she doesn't believe in it. She tells me that I should be with a man that can give me money and buy me everything I want. But I love my boyfriend, and its normal for us not to have anything yet because we're working to get everything. She even tells me that if I have sex with a man, they should give me money, so I be like but mom that's being a hoe fucking man for money, and she says I'm being a hoe for fucking my bf and he's not giving me anything. I mean I always said that I want a man to love and to take care of me, and sometimes I think, maybe the main reason why she's a single mother is because she used to fuck guys for money, but I want to be different, I only want to live with that one person and have my kids with him. But she doesn't understand that.

A couple of days ago she told me I had to break up with him, so it was either her or him, and ofcourse I will have to break up with himbecause after all she is my mom, but I love him too much I haven't told him what's going yet. I don't know what to do.