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hi!!! friends this is my story of merely one year. but in this one year i saw my whole life a beautiful one. i and my boyfrnd met in my cousion wedding where i first saw him. slowly we... Back to text


June 13, 2013 • by Wilfred

I and my girlfriend brokeup just because i could not tolerate seeing her hanging out with guys that she claims to have nothing with but call them just mere friends.I could not take it anymore because i love her so much and though am jealous seeing other guys around her, i need her to understand that and respect that as well. But reverse was the case. she told me she was tired and could not continue, she complains that i dont trust her so how sure our relationship would lead to marriage.I was so devastated and could not lose my love just for my selfish reasons. so i found this spell lady online who then did a love spell to bring her back and made our relationship more closer than ever and even more happier. The spell lady did help my life, my job because i could not focus on anything, and even brought my lover back in to my life.The spell lady email is, her spell is more powerful than i can ever imagineWilfred


April 30, 2013 • by BegFjryPbpgjtzih

The Jewel is without qetiuson my favorite place to stay in the Menahga/Park Rapids area. Rick and Lynn are very friendly and accommodating. Rick's gourmet breakfasts are the best in Minnesota, in my opinion. I have stayed at the Jewel at least once a month for the past 2 and one-half years. (My mother was in an assisted-living facility in Menahga during that time.) Rick and Lynn go above and beyond with each visit, even supplying favorite beverages and snacks without being asked. I took 2 close friends there in early May, and they are now bragging about the Jewel to their friends.The biggest compliment I can give them is that they are more like family to me than some of my family members. They make you feel valued and special from the moment you arrive. My mother passed away on Jan. 31, but I will still go to the Jewel as often as I can because of the wonderful friendliness and hospitality I experience there!


April 28, 2013 • by Sunny

Its Very Easy to Say "Busy"
When Someone Needs You ...
But Its Very Painful to Hear "Busy"
When You Need Someone....!!


April 28, 2013 • by Mademo

There was this girl i came across on the net, she was spying my cell phone from the first day i saw her, she claimed she loved me and thats why she was doing dat. She was seriously violating my privacy and giving me hard time, playing hide n seek and CIA games since then for a year and so. It was my worst year of my life... But in that incident i something miraclously happened between me and 1 of my girl pal who was helping & supporting me deal with the other girl & her nightmares, i fall in love with my girl pal & soon am gonna officially n publicly married her... She told me dat she loved me for years secretly coz she feared rejection, indeed it is interesting! Now i found myself deeply in love with her every single day. Finally i believe she is my soulmate who am gonna share my entire lyf with.... I dont know anything about the other girl who was a stranger & my privacy violator since my relationship with my girl pal & i dont want to know, i hope she is gone for good but i wish her all the best as i look forward to peace of mind with my girlfrnd.


April 26, 2013 • by Anandhu

Dear shona,
i believe that love can happen twice.becuse just lik u i had that will come when u would come across that wait and always hear ur mind.LIFE IS YOURS.PARENTS DONT BE WITH U OR ME OR ANYONE UNTIL OUR DEATH.SO NEXT TIME DO WHAT UR MIND SAY


April 24, 2013 • by Vijay

Same thing happened n ma lyf but she is not yet married I m waitin frm 3years for her return...i will b waiting fo her till ma last breath....


April 22, 2013 • by Nivedita

Great, if u think ur love was pure then keep loving ur love. Am not saying like dont go foroward......... do watever u want bt never forget ur feelings.


April 21, 2013 • by Chandrani

I ud jst suggest u..2 let it go..n 4get it..i knw its damn u cnt hlp it r8?i broke up sm 2yrs blv me..hez stil here..i rili cnt let hm go out of my mattr,wtevr i do..


April 21, 2013 • by Vikky

I can,understnd ur feeling ....u miss him so mch he was wrong that tym .....he havent get agree 4 his.marriage....if he luvs u usse ehadi hi nhi krni krni chahiye thi....u spnt so mch of tym wid him.......


April 19, 2013 • by Nihar

Dear Shona,
I'm feeling your heartbeat...
Finally i want to say, Marriage as "Saton janam ka bandan" always people say when two people get married. I don't think so... I never belive this.
Bcz who saw the past & who will see the future.If it is true then why peoples are marry more than one person in this present life ?
If you love someone truly definitely u will get much more loves one day (may be this life or in future).You should believe it.

Don't worry be Happy & live life happy

I hope you appreciate with my words for u......
And I hope u r happy now....



April 15, 2013 • by Abbie

True love doesn't stays no matter what....


April 7, 2013 • by SIMI

It takes 2mch courage 2 b apart 4rm ur lover my story is jst same 2 u.jst wish u gud luck 4 ur future.

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Pls come back i cant live without u

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