Pls come back i cant live without u

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hi!!! friends

this is my story of merely one year. but in this one year i saw my whole life a beautiful one.

i and my boyfrnd met in my cousion wedding where i first saw him. slowly we become frnds and after a tenure of two months we were in relationship. actually i had seen him when i was in 6th standard but then we aparted coz of our study and career. .

we became so much intimated that even we cant think our life without each other. he gave me the best feeling of love. i still remember our first kiss wen he was at my home and we did it near our staircase. he was like an angel for me who filled my life with all happiness of heaven. then we decided to get marry. so we approached our family. our parents were ready but my aunty who was also my boyfrnd aunty didnt agree with this relation. we begged them a lot but they didnt abd finally we gave up for the sake of our family happiness. but this didnt affect our relation. now onwards our emotion and feelings get stronger day by day and finally we decided to meet one more time to realise whether we could without one another. and that moment came and i met him on his place. i spend full 5 days with him. and that five days was the most beautiful days of my life i ever had. in those five days we loved each other like we never did. and finally we decided we would again request our parents for our marriage.

finally i talked to my parents but this time they were too much angry and they refused our relation completely. they warned me not to call him again. there was big fuss all around and we were just hopeless. i was shivering on thought of that he will be no more with me through all my life. days were gone by and again we started talking with each other. and every day again and again we fall in love more strongly. finally a day came wen his parents chose a girl for him. i also told him to move on in his life. and a day came wen he got engaged. he was happy with his new relation and me too. but something somewhere i was lonely. he knew my condition but cant help out. and then i decided that i will be in no more contact with him. fianlly we talked for the last time and i wished him gud luck for his new life and request him to break alk his contact and terms with me. he dint want this but i gave him our love swear to do this. at last we were in no more contact but still i m missing him in my life. i knw he cant come back but i dont knw why still i want him back in my life.

still i love him fron core of my heart. . . . and will love always till i am in this world. . .