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I am not a good and good-looking boy, From when I can understand the world I can feel that I never be loved by other , I am a physically handicapped that's why from the very young age I am ignore by other. But I enjoy my life every place I love to make smile to other's face it's my hobby .

So about love : now I am 25years old .my first love is high school she is very cute as like a toy, I always see her from a corner of class, other always ignore me that's why I was always unhappy but when I saw her I get a area to smile :) , I see her upto 3years after that I feel that I have to say her that I love her but I was afraid also about that if she reject me that's why I was take a step to make her friend and I make her friend very close friend , slowly slowly I try to know her care her but still afraid to say that I love her .after a year I make my self to say her :) . I never date a girl that's why I search in net how to take dress for a date , base on a blog writer I take some dress and go to her in a park .

I was very uncomfortable I had a cycle by which I went that park she also came and we together set on a branch , I gave her a flower and said my feelings...

But may be I forgot that I am a handicap she reply me that "I know you love me but don't mind like others I have also a dream that my life partner should be a good and good-looking and I don't want a handicap person as my life partner " and she left me and left the park , I don't said her anything even not a sound . after that she loved a boy who is the best boy in our school . slowly slowly I cut from her and back to my old life and give mind to the study .

After 2years.

The high school is over I still wait for her and still see her but never go to in front of her . I take my life about computer engineer when I left my hometown I meat to her I said " if you ever feel about me something please call me I will wait for you" after that I left my hometown.

after a year my friend call me and said me that he get married with a rich and good man , I just smile and get to my life where I have no one to share my feelings . Some time I got that much alone that I sleep and ask my self why I am like that ?. When every body of my hostel went out with there I stay in hostel or go out with no one , after a while it become a habit that I say alone in everywhere. I accept it that no one never love me that's why I get back to study with full force, I got degree get a good job but still alone.

Like this I played my life . but my life is change in 2012 June , In 2012 June I get a call from a girl Name Anan she said me that she know me we become friends a good friends and in really I was happy most that someone come in my life my big smile come back I was very happy . After one month she said me that she love me I was just like blast but I don't accept because I had a doubt that no one love me than why she love me? , I investigate about her somewhat than I get that she is my best friend's ex girlfriend then I directly say this meter to her and my best friend they both reply that he has no objection and she said me all truth , after that I accept her and I become happy that I get her :).

But that is not end after a month again a call came in my no I received in other side was Anan and my best friend she said " Sorry yer I played with you because he left me that's why I choose you to play this game , and according to my plan he jealous and for that he again come to me , please don't get angry and Sorry" I don't say anything and just switch off the mobile and change the no and never go to them .

Now I get news that they live happily and they love each other .

If love is not on condition then why this happen ? whenever my birthday come I have no one to with me is midnight and say I am here for you . I know I have nothing to love but I have a heart who can love most . and please handicap person also have a heart they can also love , if you give a smile they feel happy , so please be with them :) ,

Thank you :) Be happy and Be good :)