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Hi, I would like to get your opinion on the following matter. I’ve read it somewhere that in a man’s heart there is a secret shelter where only one woman can enter and many porches which, I’m sorry to say,... Back to text


January 11, 2006 • by Kazi

hey i jus gothrough ur question n i cudnt hav stoped myself replyin ur is also lik gurl.. he also has feelings lik gurl...he also want som 1 who loves frm de cor of her heart....yesh this secret shelter mad 4 oni 1 gurl n man never forget wat if som 1 mek a plac in his heart.....

but.......... if al up 2 de person who wana plac in that plac........if ur liks n dislik r de sem than u can do it......

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The secret shelter

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