The secret shelter

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Hi, I would like to get your opinion on the following matter. I’ve read it somewhere that in a man’s heart there is a secret shelter where only one woman can enter and many porches which, I’m sorry to say, are not empty. Is this true?
I think that men are selfish and prefer that place to be vacant. They don’t want any woman to settle there, not for anything in the world, no matter what their feelings are.
This way they have the choice to put there whoever they want just at will. If a woman accidentally happens to stay there longer they start questioning themselves if they had lost their minds or worse – their freedom. They get sober quickly and move her to the porch where she belongs. But this doesn’t mean they can’t put her back and worship her and keep telling her that she’s their reason for living. Yes, we definitely feel the necessity to know that we are the occupants of that place. We are not much interested in the porches, unless we run into some unpleasant personage in the corridors. But who cares…we are the dwellers of the shelter after all. I guess you got the point of my question – can men be faithful to a woman, are they able to love only one woman for life, a woman that has occupied this special place in their hearts?