My untold love

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This is just an ordinary story for many but for me it's my life,

This happened when I ws in ma 9th grade, actually I was never

Impressed by guys, but what this guy did was just so intoxicating

To ba frank it was. I first saw him when I was rushing to the library

And we accidentally dashed each other, I was upset because he

did not apologize and I did not think much about him and as days

Went by I noticed that often we met bt I thought it was

Coincident but I noticed that he used to stare at me, at first it did not

disturb me but then I never knew when I started loving him and he was

a handsome guy and I was a little chubby this fear of being rejected was

always there in my mind but ntg was more than my love for him n he

Knew I loved him too so the following looking smiling all started n what I loved

And still love about him is his intoxicating eyes and smile, all filled with

love but who knew that he never truly loved me like I did

and the strangest part of our love was that we

never spoke a word but just loved and I took the

guts to say and that was when he broke my heart saying that he

Was not interested in love. That was the end of my life but not my love

It's been 3 years now n he's happy n single n I'm sad n single.i miss

My untold love