Waiting for my love

by rahul True stories Messages 3 comments

frnds...i m feeling helpless .need ur help frnds ..

i lov a grl and my love is true and real ..i meet her 7mnths back on a clg fest .heard her singing her voice was so sweet and she is also sweet..i talkd 2 her bc she was my frnd ki frnd..we exchanged numbr and we talkd 7 mnth thru msg.i proposd her 5thday aftr we met she said no...i had done evrythng for her to prof my lov mtlb i done all type of help,care,done beyond my limit and tel my feeling always,but she says no alwys and told me i wl nvr say yes whatevr u do..she hurtd me thru msg by harsh word,rude rply but i exceptd al by heart.she gvn me bstfrnd certificte but nvr treatd like that i msg in my exam,in prblm,roaming but she ignre my msg and answr those which she want..recently she blamed me that i talk 2u frankly,ghume apke sath dnt take it that ilu.mujhe bura laga kyuki bina uske ilu kahe mai aisa nai soch skta im nt cheap..so i left msging so that she reliaze my lov..its 2 day she dnt msgd much only 1sry.gdmrng,gdnt only daily.plz sugest wht i do?