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frnds...i m feeling helpless .need ur help frnds .. i lov a grl and my love is true and real ..i meet her 7mnths back on a clg fest .heard her singing her voice was so sweet and she is... Back to text


October 4, 2013 • by Dollay

If u have done true love then wait for afew days. But if she didn't reply then leave her because jo bhi hota hay aaxa k liya hi ho ta hay yar . Be cool n think that was just a dream n move on yar


September 10, 2013 • by Ssniccessnice

Pls who can define this word 2 me the word of true love?


September 6, 2013 • by Nvermind

if she really loved you she would message back dont text her leave it wait for one week if she dont message you the reason is she dont likeyou no more and you move on

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Waiting for my love

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