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Sunny morning, birds chirping merrily, singing morning dew brings daydreams fly a farm boy in the foothills of Bali. Others are busy with their own activities - each as if - as if no one was around them and silence the little boy lost in reverie.

Arrived - he heard a loud scream of a grandmother calling out his name, "Ketut ,,,, Ketut ,,,, come here Boy a minute?" That Boys briefly turned toward the voice and the half lazy to move from where he was sitting day dreaming, looking at a stretch of verdant rice fields. "What's Grandma ,,,, call Me?" "Go into the village for a while, take this order Mr. Wayan, ask for money wages to make this tool, then go to the market, there are some foods that need to be purchased is also a pack of cigarettes for your grandfather, huh?"

So the boy went to the village to bring a few pieces of equipment ordered. She ran to the shack and take an old bike the relic - the only of his parents. Slowly but surely, he's riding a bike to a straight path toward the village.

Arrived half way through the narrow, high-speed truck hit the little boy ,,,, Bike boy bounced wrecked and he himself fell into the river which luckily was not too big river. Very unfortunate fate of the little boy because after crashing truck, they run into the city.

A gentle breeze , sting sun falls on the face, making Ketut slowly - land eye-opening. Feels sting of sunlight piercing eyes, yet he could see clearly but he felt a tiny hand to touch the forehead, soft and cold, also rubbed - rub the hands and feet were full of sores. Of course a beautiful girl there.

"My name is Putu, do you good - right? I was just about to go to town but arrived I saw you fall in the river, I was worried and trying to help you." "Yeah,,,, I'm fine , I remember I hit a truck but the truck was probably scared and fled, leaving Me alone,,,, Thanks for helping me."

The girl was taking a bottle of water and a piece of cake and gave it to Ketut. Ketut greedily drank and ate cake. The higher the sun shining on the earth accompanied by wind gusts brought exuberant rural two small children who take shelter under the shade of mango trees.

"You're better now ,,,,, If so, should we fast - get out of here, we'll see a doctor check you because it looks serious injury, let I help you up." Smiling, the girl reached out his hand to help his - was standing. Then they walked hand in hand toward the village.

That's a little friendship started with a bottle of water and a piece of cake, chuck sincere and help given to a friend, make a beautiful day.

And birds - the birds were chirping again, singing hymns Bali, describe how wonderful the atmosphere at the foot of Bukit Bali,,,,, and closing twilight,,,, they both split up, go home - each with a glimmer of hope tomorrow will be more beautiful of the day.