Must be fate

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Induction day, the start of my new job I was ushered In to a tiny office with three other people, when in popped this good looking but short guy called Stephen he is the office manager of my new retail position. We all filled out the necessary paperwork and talked about ourselves, talked about music and activities we like to do. Straight away me and Stephen had things in common all the time me thinking he's kinda cute :) we all headed towards the warehouse where he put on a high vis jacket 4 sizes too big for him it looked like a dress I couldn't stop smiling and he kept looking at me whilst going through safety training he realised what I was smiling about. After that day I didn't see him or talk to him much for a few weeks as I'm pretty shy, but one weekend there was a leaving do for a guy on my department, I got to the pub pretty early that day for abit of liquid confidence as I still didn't know my colegues that well. Then there he was Stephen walking towards to our table and sat right next to me I was feeling rather nervous as I didn't know how to act with my manager out of work but turns out he was very chatty and we had some funny conversations he brought his twin brother along who at the time was trying to make a pass at me but I wasn't interested. As the night progressed me and ste had a few drinks had a dance and a laugh then he kissed me on the dance floor in a small rock club, by this point I was quite drunk and a friend had to call me a taxi. The next day all the rumours were flying about and other managers heard of what happened and warned me off " stay away from management it's not professional" to be honest what I do in my spare time has nothing to do with them but I did what I was told. Months went by when we would chat at work but it was harmless, then it came to another famous work night out where I unfortunately got way too drunk and broke my foot falling off a 3ft stage which I didn't know till morning. My parents came into work with me the next day with my cast on to proove I broke it, every one gathered round laughing recalling the night out then Stephen came down from the office really concerned about me and told my dad "I'll have to take care of her next time" which I thought was sweet. I was off work for 6 weeks. When I returned me and Stephen would always have our in jokes and just have a laugh in general. By this point I had developed strong feelings for him but I was too afraid to tell him so I didn't, I confessed to a work mate on halloween that I really liked him but that was a mistake as this person would tease and embarrass me every time Stephen walked past.

2 months later came our works Christmas do in a working mans club, where everyone was taking turns on the karioke, it was Stephens turn and I ran up behind him and we both started singing, after that he came up to me asking if I would sing another song then another then another. When it got to 12pm the whole group made it's way to a night club. I didn't realise at the time that there was some trouble between Stephen and another member of staff that night which i thought would end up in a fight luckily enough they just argued it out and I clocked Stephen standing by himself so I approached and asked if he was ok then out of the blue he said " i really like you, I have since we first met but didn't know how to tell you" I was so happy inside and a little shocked I just said " me too".

We have been together for 2 years and 2 months and I can't be any happier.

Heres the unbelievable part about 6 months ago we decided our parents should finally meet, so we went to a carvery for lunch my parents were already waiting there for us when me Stephen and his mother arrived, to our shock that they had known each other there entire life and that my grandma and Stephens grandma were best friends whilst they were pregnant. They had lost contact when my mom got married. Fate has brought our families back together.

I had never met Stephen before I started working with him.

Thanks for reading sorry it's long ;)