Shattered heart & love

by m.sadiq hadji True stories Love 1 comment

It was last year when I met her during a
school carnival. I was
walking with my friend into the school of
business when she
bumped into her classmates. I didn't know
what actually
happened but I remembered I was staring
at this particular lady in the group. From
that day
onwards, she never left my mind. After
months of consideration, I
finally took the first step. I wrote a letter
to her confessing I
actually was attracted by her and if we
could be friends. I got my
friend to pass her the letter and we
started being friends. At first, she didn't
know what I looked like as she didn't
remember seeing me. One day,
my friend tricked me into going to her
computer lab. She was there. It was then
we first met and spoke. She shook my hand
and introduced herself. Ever since then, I
started seeing more of her. I started
sending her messages
to my cell phone daily. It could be a daily
good-night message or just to tell her to
take care. She would usually reply to my
messages. One day, after the exams, I
finally asked her out. We went to eat
dinner and after that, we went back to
school at night and sat at the exit staircase
staring at the stars, drinking and chatting.
It was then I felt that I was really in love
with this lady. She sent me home later.
From that
day on, I could not get her out of my
Somehow, I started seeing her quite often.
She works at
Starbucks so I would go there to study and
hang out. Hanging out
was just an excuse for me to see her. We
would bump into each other in school daily
and smile and say Hi. Sometimes, we
would joke around and just chat. During
holiday, I bought a gift for her. It took me
some time to actually pass it to him. She
was appreciative. In return, she gave
me a wallet. At first, I was joyful. Then, I
found out she gave my friend a present
too when she hadn't bought her anything.
But that didn't mean
anything to me. Receiving a gift
from her was all I could think of. Months
later, after our second
trip to the movies we started seeing each
other less and the
messages became less. After 4 months, I
finally got my friend to ask whether she
liked me or she knew my feelings for her.
All the while, she wanted to ask me that
but I wasn't ready to face
the truth. Deep down in my heart, I
actually knew the answer
but I couldn't face up to reality. After 4
months, I felt I was ready. I got my
answer. She rejected me. She didn't like
me. However, my
friend didn't tell me that. Instead,
she got another friend to tell me the
answer over the phone. I
kept silent and tears started falling from
my eyes. The tears
just kept falling. It didn't stop. My heart
was shattered. It left a
scar behind. I no longer can love.
I no longer can face her. To me, love was a
mistake. But I would
never regret ever loving her......yeah this
was hw my love had cm to an end. Thanx
the readers