Struggle for my luv

by stupid luver True stories Love 3 comments

This story is of d time when i was of 13 year nd she ws of 14. My heart was full of pain due to a past incident n dere was no one who can undrstud my emotns,my feelings nd my grades too were descendng.

My frnd sugges me to took admssn in his cochng n i did.There i found a gal i tried tu avoid her,but she was diffrnt from othrs,such a simplicity in her which attracts me n slowly i slipd in luv with her but i d'nt tll her,she tu likes me but as a frnd.nd finlly i prposed,she acceptd,d moments seemd tu me like i hv got evrythg,like m on sevnth sky..thre was a task in frnt f me,was tu mde hr luv me..i cntnued,,but d happines was for a shrt time,aftr a month i prpose her brother came tu knw about us,got angry n scolded us...he reveal,oppose n mde sure dat i wasn't in contact wid her,,neither n cochng nor on facebuk, nor anythng else,,every blody mean tu contact her was closed..but i stll use meet her on trrce,she on her's nd me on mine.. we luk each othr for a 10min, wid curiosty,she's my evrythng,i cant lose hr