What if he’s divorced with a child?

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The story I will tell is known to some, unknown to others, and others may have already experienced it. Sharing it with you, I would like to know if others have been in a similar situation, and how things have turned out for them.

And so. I have a relationship with a divorced man of 32 years, and I am 29. We work together in a law firm. I knew from the beginning that he was divorced and had a small child.

I fell in love with him, not at first sight, but gradually - he is just an amazing person, extremely smart, intelligent, kind, and successful. One that I have always secretly dreamed of having by my side.

At first, I tried to suppress my love for him - I said to myself: don't go into these deep waters, you are too mature, you have to start a family, have children ...

So, wandering between right and wrong, one day, without even expecting it, he confessed to me how much he loved me, how he couldn't fight with himself and his love, and he just had to tell me, otherwise, he wouldn't endure. I didn't know what to do - I was just staring. I had no idea of his feelings.

A red light immediately "flashed" in my mind that if I fell into this love, I did not know how it would all end. I told him about my feelings for him, and he cried. We talked for a long time in a restaurant, he hugged me and told me how much he loves me and how happy he is at the moment. But they had to close now and we had to leave. When we parted, he kept hugging and kissing me, as if he never wanted to let me go.

We decided not to reveal our relationship to our colleagues, so we secretly met during lunch break at a restaurant for lunch away from the office. And so for two weeks. Easter was approaching and we decided to spend it in Greece - this would be the first time we could spend all our time together - inseparable for 24 hours. I also planned to be together for the first time as an intimate couple. It was just amazing - candles, roses, as I always dreamed, but never experienced. After that, we both cried until morning, fortunately, we found each other.

And then he proposed to me. I was scared, I didn't expect it and I didn't know how to react. I agreed, but we decided to live together first. He told me that he wanted us to have a good family, two children, that he had always dreamed of it, and that I was the woman of his life.

He told me about his ex-wife and how she got pregnant by someone else and ran away with him. He told me that he didn't love her, that they had problems before, and they just decided to divorce.

So, after a month and a half, we lived together. In his apartment, because it was closer to our work. The best days of my life started the moment we started living together. We didn't part for a minute - we were together for 24 hours.

We took his child three times a week because that was the arrangement. I love him very much, he is a great kid, and he loves me very much. Every time he sees me, he hugs and kisses me, paints pictures for me in kindergarten, we play, laugh and everything is fine.

And so a year passed. We always make plans for the future, how we will have two children, where we will live, and so on, but he has not yet proposed to get married.

He was in Italy for two months, coming every Friday and leaving on Monday. We planned not to use protection after he returned from this business trip, but it didn't happen. He kept "protecting" me, and I was depressed. Something closed inside me. I want so much to have children. I decided to talk, but I didn't ask the question directly. He told me that we had to wait a little longer, and so on. But how much longer?

I'm almost 30 - it's normal to want a child. And that's how we live. Our love is still strong, everything is fine between us, but I just don't know how long to wait. I don't want to put pressure on him, I know it's not easy after a failed marriage, but I just don't know what to do. And three years have passed since his divorce.

Please, if someone has fallen, or is in a similar situation as mine, let me know.