Does it worth to cheat on?

by Pipi True stories Cheating 2 comments

Hello, I’ve mused many times on others’ stories, and now I’ve decided to tell mine. We are together with my boy-friend for three years, and of course we’ve changed more or less during this time. As we are not living alone on an island, there are people around us, which influent us somehow. We passed through good and bad moments.

I want to clarify e few things – hi is a passive type by nature, occasionally he can make any proposal, most of all he likes sitting at the computer, instead of going for a walk or something like this.

Along with all the changes and problems with his education and job /and it’s not that bad, trust me/, he started to see all the bad in everything, he became very negative, even before we know the final result. Respectively we were arguing many times –Many times I’ve been trying to explain that no matter what the situation looks like, there is solution for everything, but that made him find new difficulties.

But life looks different from my side – I want to go out, to meet people, to entertain… but all these things don’t even come to his mind. It happened that I’ve been working with many of my colleagues for a year, we know each other we go to the beach together and little by little I became closer with one of them, I’ve been even sharing with him the problems in my relationship, and he advised me.

Finally we arrived to a kiss, and after a relationship, secret of course, for the moment. As if I’ve never been touched this way, I’ve never felt this way.

Except this when we’ve been out I’ve been impressed of my colleagues attitude to the life – he doesn’t behave like a looser , he’s still full with energy and optimism and all these things have attracted me more and I’ve started to ask myself what I want and what I look for?

And there came the days of hesitation – is it worth to leave somebody, after we’ve built a relation.