Why should it be this way?

by Sad True stories Cheating 4 comments

Hi everyone!

I hope you'll at least here I’ll be heard.

I met him 2 years ago and we are together for a year and a half... I don’t know what happened to me the last few months I’m unbearably jealous and even I cannot stand myself but I think I changed the moment one of his former girlfriends appeared and started looking for him .I saw him several times on his computer chatting with her.

I was very difficult to assimilate what was written because everything was like "you will always stay my honey-bunny”,”you know I'm good in bed and could meet all your desire”

How would a person acted in such a moment. My heart stopped and through my head walked all kinds of crap. And most of all I imagined them together and kissing, embracing I could not take it anymore. We had a fight he denied that he loved her any more but I wasn’t sure anymore. So I decided to go to her.

Very politely and without insults I asked her to tell me what are her intentions and because I am a few years younger her words were - "Leave my apartment you little whore" .And that’s when I really got mad…

We broke up and after a week he called me and we got back together since then she hasn’t dared to ring but I am still jealous of her.

And not only that I get jealous of any woman he phones and my reaction to it is to pout and get aggravated. I don’t know why maybe I just don’t believe him now.

What do you think? Could you advise me how to get rid of this jealousy?