From An Online Game

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helow , i just wanna publish my love story with my girlfriend now . I'm 19 and she's 14 , okay that's a gap in age but we don't care cuz we soo love each other . We met from an eyeball from an online game clan , so i ask for her number and after that we texted . I never thought i would fall for her , she's not like any other girls i've ever date before . So i started courting her and she was still not ready . After two months she finally answered me and I was so happy at that time . I would never forget the date , 04-05-12 . But not all relationships are happy , we had some misunderstandings , break-ups and cool-offs but I never really gave up on her , and that's when she realize that I really truly value her love . So we had so many understandings with each other now , she met my family and I met her family too . She was my first really true girlfriend . And we made a PROMISE that we would get married in the future , no matter how many challenges we would encounter , we will always have each other fighting it . We are running for 14 months now .. Thanks for reading :) ..