He came back! Why?

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I would very much like to share with you and read side opinions. Some time ago I had a relationship with a rather inappropriate man. And before that, I had feelings for another man, as well as he for me, but everything was platonic. However, I always knew we would be together one day.

At the end of my relationship with the Inappropriate, I met another man with whom I knew I had no future, but we started dating, and at one point I realized I couldn't stop.

We had seen each other for about 2 weeks when he admitted he had another relationship with a woman living abroad.

They saw each other very rarely but were often talking on the phone. It hurt me more that he didn't tell me from the beginning, not so much out of jealousy. I tried to tell him we had to stop, but he told me he was fine with me, and I didn't have the strength to insist. I knew I couldn't expect much, and I suppressed my feelings. Even sometimes, when I had the opportunity to tell him how much I cared for him, I kept quiet because I knew I would suffocate him with it.

We wouldn't be together for a whole year, but I dreamed of something real. Although we saw each other every day and were together most of the day, I was missing something.

I missed the full surrender I didn't feel on his part. I gathered courage and strength and parted with him. I reunited with my platonic love and everything was gorgeous. I was glad that I have shaken off my previous life of conjecture and repressed feelings. My new beginning was great. I later found out that my ex had been pulling away from me lately because he wanted me to find someone who will give me something more real. In my new relationship, I was glad that it happened that way, and I believed that I would not be wrong this time again. So far, so good.

Two years have passed since our separation, and I suddenly started feeling problems in my current relationship. One night, he appeared at my door with explanations in love. He said he couldn't do without me.

I kept asking him why he came back after so long. And he replied that he thought a lot about me and couldn't take it anymore. When I went back in, I told myself that this would not happen again and that I would not let him in. But it did not happen. Now we see each other secretly and I realized that he had more feelings for me than I thought.

He is terribly kind, I feel wonderful with him - desired! He also had a relationship, but I can't judge him, given that I do. I don't know what to do! I know this has to stop, but again this man is influencing me and I don't have the strength to stop.

Sometimes I feel like I'm in the past again and I'm bitterly sorry I didn't show my feelings. And he often tells me he cares about me. I feel confused after so long, and he came back ...