He Cheated on Me While I Was Pregnant

by Emily True stories Cheating There are many comments

I read a lot and I decided to tell quickly tell you my story. For some time now I’m confused about my feelings and I think that by writing the story it would be easier for me to find an answer.

After marring the man, with whom I thought I would spend the rest of my life, we started trying for a baby. After 4 years and several IVF attempts I finally got pregnant. It was a hard pregnancy.

The whole time I felt that my husband was cheating. We had many conversations, and of course he denied it. It got to point where I started to think that I was hormonal, crazy or just imagining stuff because of the pregnancy.

I decide to found out if i was right and no surprise there he was cheating on me the whole time. There I was pregnant and the man decided he was in love with some girl, who smugly decided to come to my home with a bunch of her friends.

After that I was scared for the baby and myself. After he said he was “sorry” and that he “loved me” I decided to stay with him until I give birth and then make a decision.

Currently my child is alive and well, a really happy baby, very loved by everyone, including his father. But this relationship does not work for me, I cannot swallow the insult. He lost my trust and in some ways my love. I think I will be better of without him.

Please tell me what you think.