It's my love story

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Hi...dis z lovely...n i have a lovely love story here for u guys..dnt feel bored reading dis if its too long .....hiz name name z sandeep....v r in relation from 4 years...frst year v were so happy..exicted..n had unconditional love for each otherother even though v both r apart da sake of my studies...later in da second year da things became upside down...he got a friend(girl)...sandeep looks really handsome n he has got very innocent face ...she lookz hot attrattractive...they were frns when v r apart only...but he dint change..his love was same..but they became close when i came close to him leavng my studies n dreams bak...she has crush on him.even now..latr many things hapnd..he strtd ignoring me yelling at me..n lotz of things..he used to spend more tym wid her..but all dat was my fault..he alwyz wanted me to b happy wid him..if i cry he doesnt lyk n..dat too i used cry cause of him insisting him to leave her..according to human psychology..\"if our loved ones scold anyone to whom v have pity..for sure v strt caring da one bot whom v feel pity n think take dat sympathy z lov\"(m psychology student)...dat wat happend to him...i waited patiently for him wid all my broken heart...then due to some reasons he left his colg n came to our native..den all again things changed...v r soooooo happy now..i got all my love thing i have to confess z dat..although he lyked n loved her..he cried for me when i told him dat im gng away from him...n he said dat he z not going to leave me at any cost....he may want anythning only in my presence...if im no more for him im sure he wants nothing...i can bet my life for his love..plz comnt*..