You're aLways in Me

by Emie Kirati True stories Love 2 comments

Hi its a story when i was just a teenager and i was on class nine but she was on class ten ?

I had never thought that i would be so mad about her !

We weren't even friend. She came directly to our school in class ten !

One of my friend was her classmate. Uhmm everytime i or we see her we used make a joke or say something !

One afternon during lunch time me & friends were going out of school gate on the we met her i was on the & i just blink my eye & u know what she respond me back by blinking her eye back !

I was shock cause no1 had never respond something like that !

So i was in a deep thought !

Day pass we were just a friend & i was falling in love with her but i was afraid that time !

And our half yearly exam started as our exam was going on i was thinking to let her know how i feel about her !

Two days before our exam end i ask her phne no. But she gave her elder sis no. Coz that time phne weren't so popular !

After that i call we started to talk and our summer vocation start .i went to spend ma holidays to my bro-in-law's house & as i was there my sis don't allowed me to take a phne !

Uhmm i ring a call to my friend with my sis no. And my friend told me that she had called many time and asked about me i was so happy that she called me !

I came back b4 my vocation end then i called her but she didn't rvcd & our school started !

Then i went to school early wishing that i could meet her & ask sorry but she didn't say anything i'm still waiting for your answer !

I love u Elizabeth & i'll always stand by your side !

I won't drop u like everybody had done cause i love hope one u'l cum back n hold ma hand say that u2 luv me as i do hey sona Eli luv u !