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True stories


by chitra

hey there, i am 22years old post graduate, and i am truely in love with a guy. He is very innocent and trust me his innocence took me away from this world to my dream world,but its lyk one sided love,,,ya he is with me in present but he is kind of money minded n senseles to emotions kinda guy. It hurts me alot wen he cls me wen he needs me to do his work,,n sumtyms it irritates me alot. I cn't leave him bcs i love him,,he also claims that he loves me bt i dnt feel lyk...

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Moustachio & Ring Road ***s love

by 4wesome85

It was love at first site, we met on an online chat site. We both declared our love, you know and the rest of it. This was five years ago, and I still love her. We've both had other relationships and both kept running back to one another because we felt the love all the time, I love her and she loves me yet we hide it cos of the breakups we've had. I hurt her, she hurt me. We lost one another for three months, almost and then she came back in my life. She is still with ginger...

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A Sad Love Story

by mudasir

Once a boy lived his life with some struggles... One day he saw a girl in his street whose home is next to his house.. When the girl saw the boy first she covered her face cuz she became shy.. The boy was thinking why she covered her face..after some days the boy started to see the girl often and the girl too saw him.. They both know that they love each other but they didn't say that.. It continued for nearly 8 months.. On one sad day the girl shifted her house and went to somewhere without saying to...

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Your bestfriend becomes your boyfriend

by aliyya larissa

Here's a story between me and him. He's my bestfriend that always be with me no matter how hard the situation is. He always cheer me up whenever my feel is getting down. Both of us never have a plan to be a couple like this. Wonder what will allah brings into our life. I just really confused why I get a relationship with a boy that actually my bestfriend. He makes my life so much better. He already fix my broken hearted.I'll always him, because if someday I'll lose him it means I should lose my bestfriend too. I...

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my name is RAIZAN and my hobby is to chat with foreigners ....once i met a girl her name was Julie and after that i started to fall crazy for her with the passage of time ..i met her on chat just few time spend we became good friends but due to some reason i deleted my account and when i return back with new account then i was unable to find her but fortunately she found me then we again start to chat ...i don't know that she liked me or not but i do still .after that...

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by Debraj

I am not a good and good-looking boy, From when I can understand the world I can feel that I never be loved by other , I am a physically handicapped that's why from the very young age I am ignore by other. But I enjoy my life every place I love to make smile to other's face it's my hobby . So about love : now I am 25years old .my first love is high school she is very cute as like a toy, I always see her from a corner of class, other always ignore me that's why...

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My Heart beats for komal

by Chinnu

First time I fall in love with one girl... her name is komal.. I love really too much... She is studying in our college only:) daily i saw her smiling face and her eyes... They are killing me more and more... But if she accept my love i Will keep her smiling until my death:(. But i don't think she accept my propose... Still i am not proposed... Really i don't think i can get her So not proposed... what to do now... This is going past 2 years... Give me suggestions please please please:(

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Second time around...

by rose

wanted to share with you guys my story, about me rose and my fiance cj.... accidentally meet him (cj) on a online chat room, since then we dated on and off.. for 6 years. (yeah six years).. so since then i got bored with him (cj) on our 2nd anniversary and when on seeing someone new, infact that the was the time that he cheated on me too.. (both of us cheated). so me and him decided to end our relationship for 3 years, after that i was hopelessly seeing someone who could care more for me.. but i...

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You are stupid

by uttam

Hi i am uttam when i was at 12th class i go to for my exams.first day i saw her she is so simple.wen i saw her i fall in love.ijust watching and watching her.but i have not enough powr to talk to her.second day i ask her wats ur name she says anchal.i m just feel like exams are going on this is last day of my exam bt i didnt say any thing to her.i think if she not accept my praposal then.after think this i stop my self to propose her. time is passing after one...

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My love, my life

by sonu

hi frends my name sonu my love name parveen... I was studing my diploma 2nd year. I was a fun loving and happy guy I love to play pranks on my frnds . my frnds call me kite a broken kite . because I won't stay at a place for a second ..... .the day when I met my life . I don't have any gole in my life . but after seeing her I got 1. it was a rainy day when I went to bustand .I love rain very much and I was totali wet .when I got...

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True love

by Dreamgal

He took my interview. Was a gentle, young and handsome guy. I did not fare well in the interview. However. I was surprised to receive a call from the organization.During training, I found the guy several times in the room and sitting next to me. I was not sure as to what was the profile on this guy. When I was placed in the production, I found that he was my team lead. He was so co-operative, understanding. There were few gestures of his which made me feel that he likes me. However. I was not sure. Once we planned...

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Struck between parents n love....

by mahe

I have been in love with my brother-in-law's family doesnt like our love... even though my sister had a love marriage,she couldnt help mom n dad r getting emotional... they tell he s not a suitable boy for u,its not a wealthy family so n so.. but he s working in bangalore.. getting good salary.. i m well educated.. i m capable of earning well.. but my parents dont hear my words... we have done so much for but still u r not respecting us... these r my parents words...i told them so much but they r...

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I lov u sweety...dont make me mad...plz

by Sweet heart

Hey frnds.i wana share u ma feelings..realy me become mad otherwse. I'm truly lovs a guy bt he s 2 yr younger tan me..evn tat knwn also i fallen love wd hm.i tnk lov has no age. He s ma clasmate..first time i treatd him as a brother and like a sister he cares me...exam times i teachd him al the lesons n maked him prepared for exam day he givd me one kis to ma forhead n told i love u ma sis..i feeled very happy..afr everytime tat memory came ma mind .my mind began to love him...

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Reserved for sm1 who really deserves :->

by Anshuman

Hlw guys!! I am anshuman nd mah age is 17+ m a cricketer nd a medical student in 12th ws last year when i fell for her... To b honest i was a flirty type guy...i neva knew wot love is.. I was like a stud in frnt of mah frnz... 1 day my friend abhishek said me that he had crush on a girl but she is rude to him..he gave meh her no... Nd askd meh to convince her for him i agreed... It was saturday... I txt her hi... She replied hlw bt whz ds as...

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Am confused

by Purity

Marvin is aguy i loved before seeing him. Just hearing anyone talking about him made me develop goose pimples till the time i saw him. O.M.G he was all i wanted n i guess he also liked me bse he made the advance. I accepted his proposal at once n we've been together for now 4yrs but he is nolonger the other marv that i first met, he nolonger calls me, never picks my calls. Am confused shld i give up on this relationship? Worst of it all, i love him so so so so.....much

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Kyu...aisa kyu?

by Ashu

Everyone one asks me "PYAR KA MATLAB JANTA HAI....?". I'm of 17 now and even I don't know what kind of feeling I've got for one girl, is it love or just an attraction.... My story started about more than a year ago(11th Feb 2012). I was in 10th class, we've got farewell that day,on that special day a girl from 9th class proposed me, I was knowing her very well,we even had great time during our sports practices, challenging each other,having fun.....but the moment she proposed me I was very happy coz maybe I was in love with her....

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Not confessing one's love

by Alisha

Friends i m here to tel u my story.nearly two years ago i fel in luv wid a guy. He was 4 yrs oldr dan me.due to this fact i could never muster the courage to tel him.i used to luk at him in library every week .years passd he pasd out from the schul.but i m still here, waiting for him to look back at the girl who stil luvs him and wil always luv him......

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My sweet lv story

by Rjt

HEiii fRnzz mAin rJt fRm rAjsthn ,mAin Apse se apni chhoti si love story share karna chhata hu . jyada tym nhi lunga aap ka sidha story pe aata hu ....baat 3 sall phle ki h ...main or mera dost park me ghumne jate thy ...thn wahan pe mujhe ek ldki dikhi ...she is so cute yr nd height me thodi chhoti bt she is very beautyfull....frndzz uss tym mujhe ye nhi pta hota tha ki ldki ko kaise impress krte h kaise purpose ...meko in chizon k baare me ku6 nhi pta tha ...thn hum roj aate thy...

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My lov...

by vinni

i love a boy who is 15 yrs old .he is in my class. i love him very much. i think he loves me 2. our story started on 11 july 2012. when fr the frst tym i sang a song he was looking at brought us frnds told me that he stares at me continously. but i thought it was jst a joke or he s flirting .but i was wrong. he really liked me i came 2 knw this whn he did small small things 2 catch my attention like he sang songs tried to sit...

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My story

by Kaniz

Hello every0ne i m telling u my story. I joined fb 0n 2nd december 2012 there was a guy who became my friend named syed i chated with him for the 1st time he was very go0d guy but after that chat he went away somewhere for 2 weeks but during those 2 weeks i met with an0ther guy named zain he was also a go0d guy. Syed is 2 yearz eldr than me nd zain is 9 yearz eldr than me. Aftr 2 weeks syed texted me again and he chated with me and suddenly proposed me i didnt...

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itz our love story

by seema

hiii...i think this is the time i should share my story with you people....i was just 18 when i met him in a coaching centre.He is young,cute & had become my daily routine to wait 4 him after my classes gt over,just 4 his 1 luk...soon i realise that i hv fallen 4 him.with time we became gud friendz(all bcz f my efforts) & den once he proposed me..(even if knowing that i am 2yrs elder than him &of different caste,bcz dese things really matters in hindu religion)that was the happiest day for has been 3 yrs we...

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My untold love

by Rags

This is just an ordinary story for many but for me it's my life, This happened when I ws in ma 9th grade, actually I was never Impressed by guys, but what this guy did was just so intoxicating To ba frank it was. I first saw him when I was rushing to the library And we accidentally dashed each other, I was upset because he did not apologize and I did not think much about him and as days Went by I noticed that often we met bt I thought it was Coincident but I noticed...

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Is my love ture

by love

well i don't know how to start my love story , because my love is still mystery for myself after 6 years... my love started from the first day i saw him. i was 6 years old their was a guy in my class for whom i feel something very strong, i was unaware of any kind of feelings but don't know y he was always on my mind, i want him to be my friend, as life moves on and year passes, we both were in same class, i was a different girl bit a tomb boy but i...

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