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True stories

Dilemma. Heart broken

by anonymous

Heartbroken seems to be something common in my life. Hi dear readers, I would like to share a story of mine which everything started when I was in my school age. Had this sweet cute love for 5 years when everything ended up because he cheated on me. An express love story to start my life huh? I proceeded my life until I got into college. I found someone who's really kind and sincere to me. He did really cared bout me and helped almost everything when I just started my college life. He was 4 years older than me...

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Taking The Risk

by Sammvie

Hi. I'm Samvie. First of all, I hate falling in love. I hate having feelings to someone. I just hate it. Maybe it's the fact that I always end up alone while all of my friends are having their 'happiness'. Maybe it's because of my past experiences where-in guys that I would like back then didn't liked me back. And well most of the times I don't see the way love work with anybody. My problem is, I get attached easily. Now I'm in college and I lost faith in finding the man of my dreams, but there's this...

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Sad love story

by Berry

My story sarted few years ago. It was Christmas holiday and I was spending it all alone at home. Then I was maybe 14 years old. I know it sounds funny... Oh that silly kids love. So one evening I got text message from my friend. We started talking. In short time we became best friends. It was fun, we talked a lot every single day. I felt so happy. But I saw him just like friend nothing else. But after few weeks I told to my best friend that maybe I like him. She started laughing at me. I...

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Pls come back i cant live without u

by shona malhotra

hi!!! friends this is my story of merely one year. but in this one year i saw my whole life a beautiful one. i and my boyfrnd met in my cousion wedding where i first saw him. slowly we become frnds and after a tenure of two months we were in relationship. actually i had seen him when i was in 6th standard but then we aparted coz of our study and career. . we became so much intimated that even we cant think our life without each other. he gave me the best feeling of love. i...

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The secret lover

by anonymous

once there lived a boy in the London city in England. He lived on his Own in a bunglow with an old and loyal servent who looked after him until he grew up. The boy lost his parents in an car accident in which he was also there but his destiny was to live more and his parents died. His father Mr. Richard was the leading of the biggest Business tycoon in the whole England. After deadth of his parents the hier of all the business, assests and the banglow the Wilson Mansion was the boy as he was his...

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Am I wasting my time?

by Zehl

Im in a relationship for more than 3 years now, at first i felt the love that we both have for each other but as time passes by Im slowly feeling incomplete longing for something or someone I dont know. I try not to admit it to myself thinking that its normal for long commitment to experience ups and down. But, what makes me sad is im not getting younger, would id stay wd d person that im 101% sure of loving me even though im not happy anymore or just simply quit and give up our almost four year...

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I miss you too.

by Paranoid me

Sorry dear, i left you alone for so long. I am caught up in a situation which you think you understand but no, you dont. I know you crave for company, you are getting sick of being alone. I understand every reason for you to be mad. But you gotta understand. I need some time. Time...thats what i need. They say no one waits forever but please stay . . . Before you know it, i swear everything will be back to normal. You think i dont miss you, that i dont think of you, that i have forgotten you....

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The beloved and the betrayed

by Paranoid me

He was my heartbeat, my soul, my time. A little longer and i would be ready to give him my everything. We swore "forever and always", that we'd be each other's one and only. Time passed, things turned, he changed. This is for you darling. You betrayed me. Why the hell did you say things you cant keep? Sometimes i see her, both you and her make me wanna scream and hit. I guess you are better off now that im gone for good. I wish someday you would feel the pain of being betrayed by someone who meant...

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My crazy love

by Zhappy

I was in 4th year high school where i first met him i was amaze by him; his not a guy that every girls dream on,.. but for me he is the one i dream for, it so pathetic because in every time we met in the canteen he always ignore me; i don't know why he tried to avoid me in his life without any reason. All I wan't is just to be friend and i don't ask more than that... What should i do guyx???

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by Nila

TO A FRIEND Sunny morning, birds chirping merrily, singing morning dew brings daydreams fly a farm boy in the foothills of Bali. Others are busy with their own activities - each as if - as if no one was around them and silence the little boy lost in reverie. Arrived - he heard a loud scream of a grandmother calling out his name, "Ketut ,,,, Ketut ,,,, come here Boy a minute?" That Boys briefly turned toward the voice and the half lazy to move from where he was sitting day dreaming, looking at a stretch of verdant rice fields....

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Facebook love. The happy ending

by Bithi

hi,im bithi. i read in 12 nd um 18. my story isnt realy a story. its the reality of my life. my story starts somehow like this... When i was in cls 10 nd aftr my ssc test xm i met a guy named kabir in facebook. he s 4m dhaka city. nd i lived in ctg. a quite far away. he seemd nice. so we startd chatting n calling n talking. . . . :-) Aftr about a week he proposd me n next day i acceptd him. actually i was in love wid him 4m b4. he is...

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I found you back

by Nayma

Hey this iz me Nayma Islam I read in 10th standard now my story is not really a story it's the reality of my life so my story starts somehow like this... When I was at class 5 I got admitted to a new school far away from my home my school was behind airport our schools name is Baf Shaheen school it's a popular school in bangladesh ... I met him 1st at this school he was in inter 1st year that time he was so charming n cute also goodlooking whenever I saw him I felt like I...

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My love that i never forget

by alisa


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A painful break up

by anita

Hi am anita . I am 14 years old. There was a boy named siam. I dont know that why i feel good when i am with him. I always wanted to stay with him. Gt was the incident of 2012. One day he came and proposed me. The after 3months i accepted his proposal. It was the most happiest day of my life. Then after 1month 5days i felt that something is fishy on his. I felt that me didnt love me. Then when i researhed on him i got to know that he has 9 more girl...

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Can't move on and can't let go.

by Amputeebeauty

Well here's my story..okay I started dateing this guy in February 2011 and we just really hit things off really good. I mean we were so much alike and I seriously thought we were soulmates and sent to eachother. Me and him dated for a year and got engaged in February of 2012. We was planning our wedding to be in the summer. But something bad happen to us we was in a tragic tornado accident together and we both were hurt physically. It's a long story to go into on here but we both suffered a lot of injuries...

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Lonely: as always...!!!

by Annu

It all just happened recently..... l m still heart broken and its going to take time,for me to get my self back as I was before all of this happened....ooh! I forgot 2 tell you right now m so messy,twisty & dark also hurt,but besides all this I still have to keep smiling & be happy about what happened. That's the reason I want my old self back who didn't seem to care & was happy with self...... It all started on 2nd of Feb of the year,when I came to college to meet d new friends group of my...

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Beautifully Fake

by The Real

Stranger: Hi(; asl? You: Hey (: 14, female, Cali... Wbu? Stranger: 17 male Kentucky You: oh kool Stranger: Wanna go out with me? You: ..... Okay :) Text me? (555) 555- 5555 My names Brenna Stranger: Beautiful name I'm Steven... I just texted you -You just disconnected- Hey, my names ----- and this is my story... It all started on a chatting website called 'Omegle'. I was bored and had heard of it as being a really fun website... So I went on. I talked to random perverts from all over the world, not for a long enough time...

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Moving on is really a hard thing...

by Ahbie

i do love him... not only loved him but really love him with all my heart to the extent that i try my best to work out what we have.. this story goes....... im a fresheman back then when i first met this guy who always the only person in my mind until my senoir year. we met when my friends and his friends made a deal to introduce the both groups to each other and make a huge circle of friends. we went to one of my friend house a make some sort of good time talking and introducing...

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My Bff Aka My Bf

by Angela

Hi guys , well this story is about this guy that i realy like , he's my boyfriend at the momment . But i just felt like writing my story ... okay , well im 15 years old . Im in 9th grade . He's 15 also going on 16 , but he's a 10th grader . but we go to different schools. well i was 13 years old , in 7th grade. when we met . I met him at the mall .. one of my guy friends , Jason, intruduced me to him . He told me that...

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Painful story

by Bhuwan chaudhary

A guy had cancer and had only 30 days left. He liked a girl working in a CD shop. BUT never told her about his love. Everyday he use to buy a CD Just to spend sometime with her. After a month he died. When the girl went in search his mom told he died out of cancer and took her to his room, were she saw all the CD'S unopened and the girl started crying. U knw y... She had love letters for him inside the CD'S BOTH loved but never expressed... So express ur love if u have......

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Right love at the wrong time

by rhianne

this is the first time which i encountered this forbidden love. i am 20 years old, studying caregiver and had a kid! we're living with my partner's parents. i came from a broken family. i thought that i was madly inlove with my partner but i realized one day that im not when i fall inlove with his bestfriend. i dont know what happen to me that time but i was attracted to this guy. that time, we were on beach with our friends, but then this guy who is "right love" talks to me.. we had a conversation that...

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Hiding my Heart

by Emy

I'm a 19 yr. old girl. I just want to confide something in this site, about my story. I never had real crush. All of them are actors/singers. It was this second semester of my 3rd year in college when I started to feel this kind of emotion. It was because of this man, when I see him. I've seen him often since I transferred in the university and I don't know why just now? I can't tell anyone about this matter. I'm a dark horse and a bit of conservative. I want to be close to him, I want...

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The lost Girl - I still love

by Niceningu

Friends, it’s the incident happened seven years ago when I was studying SSLC i.e. in 2005. There was farewell party organized for us by our juniors which was rocking. One could see the sadness of separation and the stress of exams in their faces very clearly. I loved a girl of my class very much somewhere in the corner of my heart. I was fed up of this, I was not at all interested in reading, and her face was distracting again and again. So I was turning the pages from slam book. While I was reading the page which...

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Important thing you have 2 know about love

by Bobie

Am a guy of 19yrs still schooling. Am really in love with a girl but I just dont know how 2 tell her because she was my senior. Later on I tell one of her friend who told me to just go and meet her and tell her whats on my mind but I told her i cant but if she could only get me her number then she agree to do that for me. Getting her number i just gave her a call and introduce myself to her not realizing she is already in love with me already. So...

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