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True stories

Lost My true love

by Baby

I tried to forget him much but i couldn't. I dated with another boy ( just outing for lunch and talk ). I had lot of funny talks with my other friends who are boys . But didn't work. He remember himself for me in my tears. Daily i cry for him. I try to be in busy schedule whole day just to forget him. But still i cry for him. I the girl who love my boy the most. I want him. I want his caring and loving heart. I'm not so interested in physical contact....

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I am happy if he is happy

by Tamy

I am a student. And i only think about my school because i just wanna make my parents proud of me. I never thought that I'll fall in love with somebody. But ofcourse i fall in love with somebody. I love him so much. But, apparently my girlfriend also love him. And he looks love my girlfriend too. So, i let them be in love and i still be their friend. I love them. I am happy if he is happy.

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All my fault

by confused

its was all my fault and now i regret with some confusion. i was in relationship for last three years, and now iam very confused. iam a year older than him by our study age. but we are of same age. before last year when i went to another level to complete my study i met a guy, who really cared about me, than i thought my first loves love wasn't that what i wanted, this boys love was just everything for me. some how but slowly i be-gain forget my first love. then one day the boy who was...

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Fairy tales do come true

by Candy13

I am dreamy,I am expecting the impossible that is what people say when I tell about "What love means to me?" We all are fairytale lovers, I am no exception. When I fall, I fall hard. I never see the practicality that life is teaching me. I always believed and still believe, that love is beyond magic, its a miracle that is presented to us to remind us that we are magical beings. When you are in love, you know that you can take anything that comes your way when that person is there for you. 7 Months before...

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A need

by Broken

The amount of love I have for you is something I never thought I had the capability of feeling. I was caught completely off guard when I started developing these deep, passionate feelings for you, and I honestly had no idea what it was. Originally, you were the girl that I wanted nothing to do with... So why did I develop these feelings for you? And why do I still feeli this way about you now after all this time? After so many others, why do I still feel this way about you three years later? And do you feel...

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Itz only my school dayz love story!!!

by deepu

Falling in love at first sight is one of the best experiences of a life time for anyone. It feels so magical and strange. When you face that moment, not only your mind, but also your body feels strange. But, is that feeling really a love? There was this girl that i met in the fourth day of my high school.She was the most beautiful girl i have ever laid in my eyes on,she still is.But i did not pay any mind to her because i thought she would never ever have a conversation with me. Once i walked into...

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Why does he have to be so adorable...

by Hopless girl

In 6th grade when we first met,I didn't talk to him as quickly as with my other classmates. During the midway of that year, I got to know him better. He was very mean in like a teasing way..but somehow I found himself falling in love with him. He wasn't very handsome, but to me he was the funniest guy I had ever met, you might say I have a fetish for cute guys?!? Most of my classmates thought he was a bit of a idiot because of his childish behaviors. To me those were what I found was really...

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The blind love part-I

by Sharkhan

Its really true story very long also maybe posibile i will not able to write the whole story and sorry if there will be mistek in my english or spelling. I still rember the date 8th of april 2005 when i went to school for my english paper when one girl in my front desk who was unknow to me requestd me to show her answer so that she can pass ,she copied the answer and even passed and it was my age when i was not frank to girl or you can say i was shy type gyu who...

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by ThinkinBoutYou

To tell you the truth baby, you meant everything to me. Baby, you were the light in my sky. Baby, you gave me purpose. Baby, you were the reason why. Why I tried, baby, I tried. I tried to make you happy, baby! Please don't go baby, I know I pushed you away baby, I know I told you to leave baby, But baby, no! No baby, no! Baby, please! Please baby, don't go! Come back, baby! You gave me a purpose, baby! You made my life complete baby, I no longer felt lonely baby! I was fulfilled!...

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How can I be in love

by Mauréen

Am afraid to be in love i see like all men's are the same and when some one approach me i run away and hide forever. (I am 21 years.) he will never see me again but if he maybe see me i isulted him im in saprizing everyday coz i am beaut but most of men's who approach me their from stréet boys!!!!! maybe i must wait a righyt time ¿OR?

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You're aLways in Me

by Emie Kirati

Hi its a story when i was just a teenager and i was on class nine but she was on class ten ? I had never thought that i would be so mad about her ! We weren't even friend. She came directly to our school in class ten ! One of my friend was her classmate. Uhmm everytime i or we see her we used make a joke or say something ! One afternon during lunch time me & friends were going out of school gate on the we met her i was on the & i just blink...

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Is This love or Stupid?

by Leo J

I'm new here and not really good at saying this type of stuff,I'm just here to share my true story,I'm not a writer or anything,and I've bad grammar I'm a boy so i can't just say stuff like this to my friend as it will make me gay or something like that,please comment and advice me on what you think,you can give negative comments if you think you should I love a girl from my school but she doesn't love me one bit, not one tiny bit,but its not that she hate me too,she say that she just have...

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I Still Miss You...

by Lostgirl

It all started on Facebook ! I was looking through one of my friend's friend list, and I found HIM! I don't know why, but he caught my attention, so I sent him a friend request!! later that day, he added me ! I sent the first message, and he replied !! The only bad thing was that we were miles and miles apart!! :(( well we started by talking as friends, but our feeling grew stronger for each other ! I finally admitted to him how I truly felt, and to my surprise, he felt the same way!! WE...

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The Love Was His Only Destination

by Mairaj Mansoori

The story of the movie revolves around Shivam (Emraan Hashmi), a heart broken and introvert atheist, gangster, and right-hand man of Malik (Ashutosh Rana), officially a businessman who runs a chain of hotels in Hong Kong. Shivam is given the responsibility of one of these hotels, which he bears capably and well, making it much more successful than Malik's other hotels. Malik holds Shivam in the highest esteem due to Shivam's loyalty, reliability, and business acumen, and treats him like an adored son whom he entrusts with almost everything - indeed, more so than his biological son, Ronnie. This...

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A true fairytale Romance

by Krystal-Lucienne

Hi my name is Krystal , I thought i'd share my romance story with my fiance. I was 5 years old when I met Liam in a dance studio. By some twist of fate we were paired as dance partners. My first impression was he is arrogant and pitchy. We loathed each other up until 12 years old. As they say great love stems from great hate. At 12 we were cast as Troy and Gabriella in High school musical. This was a three year assesment where we would preform all three musicals. It was singing '' the start of...

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An stupid irritating crush

by princi

the reason i call it an stupid and irritating crush is because when it happened it gave an embarrassing smile on my face in odd situations with no reasonable explanation for it. Even though he didn't initiate any talk to any other girl except me, if a girl tried talking to him my hopeless crush would turn in a pointless jealousy too. I'll start from when i saw him(I'll call him A here) first. we both were in first year in the college, same branch but separate batches. I was told to do an official work with him. I don't...

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I love u GAY friend...

by yuri

I'm 24 years old girl, and i never had a boyfriend... (its my choice not to have one) im kinda boyish lady and im more attracted to woman... but i think im inlove with my bestfriend who is gay. he‘s always their for me support in every thing i want to do.. he‘s the best. but im afraid that i might lose him so i‘ll keep it to myself and love him secretly.. LOVE YOU A LOT.... My bestfriend

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What kind of love is this

by B2, Bina

Ther war a boy we were in same clas bt 1 day we fought wit eachother.we didnt talk for 4 years bt now we both r at 12clas he always lok at me.i was confuse y he always lok at me bt slowly i began ta love him .he was 2yrs young thn me.he was already in a relationship with my fren bt now they not in relationship.i came 2 kno that he also love me.i became very excited bt some problem came when we both started 2 talk he has 2 go to his 4 citizenship.i was at hostel...

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I am really sorry

by sun

i think aftr one & half monts we saw each other...since last mont we have spoken to each oher hardly.epu i even knw dat aftr a long ime u r meeting wid ur what hurts the most iz dat after a long ime we had a chance to meet u u weren't dat much xcited to mee me,i felt very bad..u were never like dis...i would hv directly asked u dis bt i dnt hv those guts...or is it u dnt want to be wid me ny more(i hp dis doesnt happns fingrs crosssed) or i hv shaed my...

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Will it ever be again?

by Seeger89

She found me Facebook through friends several years ago. I was dating someone at that time and she commented on how good I looked. That made my last gf jealous. So I deleted the girl. Couple years later I re added her and our conversation just took off from there. Constantly talking and connecting. Our new relationship was FULL of life! Our personalities and humor were just 100% together. Making love to her never felt so good with anyone else. She just wanted to spend all her time with me and cuddle. Stroke my hair and be there for me....

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True love / Army

by Sonia

Hi.. M in army..and i belong to a middle class when i was in school, my parents nvr allowed me to do frndship with boys.. Not even talk to them.. Well i was in girls college.. Completed my graduation.. After completing my college studies i started filling forms to get selected in army.. In between ,my frnds told me to make an account on orkut... So i did.. My love story starts from here.,, here in frnds suggestion i found one profile pic in which a boy was holding a guitar.. I liked him so i sent a request....

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You don't know that you have until it's gone.

by VAC

There was this girl that I met in middle school. She was the most beautiful girl I have ever laid my eyes on, she still is. But I didn't pay any mind to her because I thought she'd never even have a conversation with me and plus everytime I saw her she would always be with her boyfriend. Then, the first day of 8th grade I walked into Spanish class and there she was sitting at a table with one empty seat left in the class so I had no choice but to sit in front of her. She greeted...

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What I Miss Most

by MissinYou

It's been over six months since we've had a real conversation; and the truth is, I truly regret everything that I did that wasn't good enough for you. You honestly meant everything to me. I miss your laugh. I miss your smile. I miss cuddling with you. I miss being there for you. I miss being the one you told everything to. I miss your voice. I miss your attitude. I miss your face. I miss your hugs. I miss being able to call you mine. I miss what we meant to each other. I miss...

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Time to brake up but i dont want

by manu pillu, chandu

my love pillu 3y before she meet me start with fs & come on ls i sex her many time we spend so much time with to gedar & in that time my hart i give her & in short if i lost her 100% i whill finesh my self because i cant live my with out her one thing i like to say when someone take her name my hart beet fast & fast if she is not for me i am also no for any one love make life love end life i love pillu muchhhhhhhhhhhh.

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