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True stories

In love with my best friend

by Sandy

i have been friend with josef for 3 years. in the past 2 years I began to develop feelings for him and finally i fell in love with him . he always treat me like a man because i'm not girly and i always act like a boy .besides he has a girlfriend but he doesn't like her or love her and he told me ones that he is like a brother to me and i'm really annoyed of that and i want to show him that i'm not like a boy and that i can be a girl like...

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Insecure love or true love..!

by love caro

Hi i am 19 yr old, i love a 20 yr old guy whom i call caro. He is really very adorable... our parents were fly friends.. His parents were very cool n loving.. i knew them for almost 4 yrs but just 8 months back i became friendly with caro n fell in love with him.. :) i confessed my love for love for him but he gave no reply... he still behaved the same way he used to, he didn't change even a bit after knowing my feelings for him.. It was very confusing and i wasn't...

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Cheating was the best thing I ever did.

by Jill

At the tender age of twenty years, I have been lucky enough to fall in love 3 times. Sometimes I think I fall in love too easy. Or maybe I have just been lucky. Or have I merely followed the way I think relationships should go, conducive of media pressures? The reason I bring this up is a recent actualisation of my long oppressed feelings towards a guy, who is relatively new in my life. Warren, a colleague from work, had given me the most emotionally confusing, yet amazing 6 months of my life. Trying to work out what I...

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I, the Liar

by noname

Hello to everyone here!!! After some frequent visits on this website and after reading some stories, I decided to finally share mine as well. It's about cheating, but on my part. I am 34 years old, married and have a beautiful girl. My story began when I had decided to go abroad, because I wanted to make some money and also because I was curious to why everyone wants to travel around the world. So, I left for Italy with my sister and we were relying on a friend of ours to help us find a job there. We...

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A misunderstanding

by sada

Hi myself Viki. I am 25 year old. I am narrating this story with the message to people who are in love. Its time for me to decide something in life and move on but not able to. I joined a college in 2005 for studying a paramedical course. I was a simple guy who was scared to talk to girls. So spent most of my first year life talking to guys (as its a paramedical course class consisted of 6 guys and 35 girls). In my second year i met a junior named Shh... (i dont want to disclose...

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Love makes life beautiful

by sada

My love story starts different stages and diffrnt roles. Love give both happy and painful, but love is so great why? Every men and womens love at certain age i.e feeling in u r heart. Love is told somebody infactuation and attraction. This is also true but somebody love strong both oneside and twoside love. Her and him wait untill success them love. Love will do but luv is not life. My love story starts at studying eighth class, her so beautiful, but i dont know what is love, every day i will seen in class room and followed. She...

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Knowing love

by MJ

Life is so unpredictable. U never know what would be happen in life.My life is also concave in this world. I was very shy person.A gal who lives with her own virtues,her own rules.I never thought I would be in luv. I met him as friends or can say a collegiate who studied college with him.we were introduced with common friends.we met mostly for our projects.As days were passing. Our college been planed for trip.I suddenly found myself unknown world. I didn't know what was going to me.As we never had talked to much. I realised that something is happen...

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The Cheating Husband

by Mary

Hello everyone, I have been also reading the blogs of the people that have shared their personal problems here. I have been married for almost 29 years. For the past 2 or 3 years, I have been having the feeling that my husband is being intimate with one of his colleagues. We all work together, him, the colleague and I. The mistress has started to openly display their relationship. I don't know what to do. We are now arguing at home all the time. He has recently changed his attitude towards me in a positive way, but we are still...

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by Melissa

I have my best friend whom i met 3 years back. We were just facebook friends but i dont know why i had a strong feeling he was the one, but i didnt feel it as an attraction. After a year we became best friends and share everything. Again last year one night he told me of some of his tragedies of life and i consoled him. He cried the whole night telling me he never shared with anyone before and asked me if i would marry him. I couldnt say no to him because i never wanted to...

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Love knows when to let go

by cynara15

About 6months ago this guy who i was in a long distance relationship with broke up with me over facebook. I had no other choice but to give in to what he wanted because i knew that he didnt love me anymore the same way he used to. A month after that i met this guy at a church get together whilst trying to move on from the broken relationship i recently was in. He broke the ice, by giving a compliment on a talk i gave out that day. I was on cloud nine indeed. I went home...

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Struggle for my luv

by stupid luver

This story is of d time when i was of 13 year nd she ws of 14. My heart was full of pain due to a past incident n dere was no one who can undrstud my emotns,my feelings nd my grades too were descendng. My frnd sugges me to took admssn in his cochng n i did.There i found a gal i tried tu avoid her,but she was diffrnt from othrs,such a simplicity in her which attracts me n slowly i slipd in luv with her but i d'nt tll her,she tu likes me but as a frnd.nd finlly...

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I think i dont have a heart to love

by sophie

my story starts from long time ago when i was 14. i fall in love with a boy who was my first love. i loved him so much but unfortunately he didnt and he doesnt like me what so ever, which was so understanable this time. after the years i was still thinkin eventhough i had a boyfriend and argued about it once. when i was 19 i left my home town to london to study, but i couldnt left without saying to him goodbye, so i called his home and tried to talk to him, but his mom...

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A lovestory for two years

by sid

We were in relationship for last two years. Everything was going well I used to love him BUT I was not sure about him.Suddenly we broke up bcoz of our parents but then too we were in contact after 6m months he again proposed me. We were both in relationship but i don't know how my attitude towards him started to change as if I took him for granted .One fine day I JUST TOLD HIM THAT i LIKE guy and he was very upset. The very next day he proposed a girl in from his school nand thaey...

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I'm Just a Dreamer

by Kit Kat

I didn’t believe it. People said I was too young. They said our age was too far apart. I never knew… I met my crush for the first time when he came over to my house. He was 16, I was 10 (DONT mention age here). He was the sweetest guy I’d ever met. He was everything: funny, witty, smart, playful. Everyday, I’d sit and imagine what it would be like to spend one whole day with him. Together. Alone. Years passed, I turned 12, he turned 18. The last time he came over we had a little conversation. He...

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Who does he like?

by Kit Kat

There was this boy named Jordan who came to my school to shadow in fifth grade. Right away I liked him and hoped he came to my school. He did. Jordan was a bit childlike but I liked him for that. He was witty and funny with a big mouth. Once in sixth grade (my school is tiny, 300 kids) when I was at science, Morrison asked my brother (at least this is what he told me), “Who does Katherine like?” My brother, (god why didn’t you just shut up) began ticking down the list of all the boys until...

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Still alive...

by Tushar

Well dere's a girl... Dere's Nothing very remarkable about her except she's prettiest cutest girl i've evr seen... Well i'm a very rough kindo guy,, with loads of friends, A hardcore brothers group. She is just opposite o'me,, quite, sensible. We were both classmates from graduation. I didn't believe in love n stuff,, but dere was somethimg about her that made me behave like an idiot. Well I befriended her but was too coward to tell her about how I feel. It took me whole three years to gather courage to propose her. It was on last day o'graduation....

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My first dating

by Prasee

Yup, It was d first date with her on 9/8/2012. We had been to shivgiri, on this great day , i had my first forehead kiss to my shoni. We both were gathered in our big maa home. It was d time for tea, we both exchanged our tea cups (preplan) The next day according to our plan i have to go to bijapur and want to spend some time with her, i came to bijapur and she was waiting for me near Gandhi chowk . We both moved to shivgiri in auto ... In auto her face...

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An unintentional saviour and love story

by unknownauthor

There was a time when I didn't even know he existed, yet I unintentionionally and unknowingly saved his life. I can't say exactly when I began to notice him, except that it was early 2010, but I can sat that for some reason when I did I knew it would be my mission to make him my best friend. I knew he didn't seem to like me but it didn't stop me one bit. I'm still not sure why he meant so much to me before I even knew him, but it was the best decidion I have ever...

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I will wait til my last breath...

by sheetu

we both were in relationship from 1 year... everything was good going.. he loves me a lot but i was the fool who decided to broke up with him... i broke up and he asked nothing agreed.. after brake up also i was enjoying my life fulllon but he was the one who was waiting for me... after few months i was in a condition to die but he was the one who cares for me a lot and again after few months we came in relation.... again mera drama..... i started showing him attitude as if i...

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Love Caused me addictive

by just boy

my story started about 6 years ago i was 13 just a kid but i fell in love , i saw her almost every day , she told me about her love by a mobile message befor i tell her although i hade the same feeling , after the time i used that she's a part of my life we was talking and see each other for 3 years i know she stoped this since 3 years ago but till now i cant forget the most happy days in my life even there was another ...

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In Search of Love

by Niceningu

Friends, to be honest I never had any interest in love nor I intended to love anyone but when I was in tenth standard, National High School, in Bidar, i.e. is in 2004-05 I saw a girl who was fabulous to look at, I don’t know what happen? I just felt thrilled inside seeing her, she seemed like an Angel came to Earth straight from Heaven. I was stunned watching her cute face, twinkling eyes, soft red rosy lips, her short hairs neatly combed, a streak down to her cheek and whenever it fell on her eyes, she blew it...

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The Silent Love

by Falak

I was in a hospital there in Bharatpur, Nepal to see my beloved brother who is suffering from a malignancy. They, the doctors told me for the operation of my brother and it would take more than a couple of month for him to be able to get discharge slip. On the day of admission I saw a girl in nice dress, she was looking very beautiful and attractive. I looked at her eyes and she to mine just than she left the hospital. After three or four days I saw her again but at that time she was...

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by clsl

I miss my ex. I saw the words reminded me of her. The reason is because the first time she hurt my feelings she kissed my cheek and she said "are you cranky? Mr. Cranky needs to go to bed!" And I told her "no, you just broke my heart and it can't find its way home" like Whitney Houston's song "Where do Broken Hearts go" and she told me not to be upset with her and she told me to think of all the positive things shes done for me and the positive way shes impacted my life and...

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Sunny 'n Ahmed

by Trucey

I've been in relationship with many galz all around the world,both in-and-out . ever since i was in grade 7,now am a university student . i've been in n out of relationships with countless galz . n whenever i thought it was true love n that i've found my perfect mate,i start talking with another girl n breakup with the one i was currently in relationship with n start dating with the other girl . it kept happening until i found out it was all an infatuation that i've been living my life in . one day,tired of all these...

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