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True stories

My love

by Seerat

Its started in 2011 when I was in my first year of Graduation. Vicky visited our college with his friends who were also my friends and classmates too frm last 3years. I was crossing vicky suddenly we both had a look at eachother. I dont know what happened to me. I call my friend (priya) & ask about him. She told me that he is vicky. Vicky was in some bit doubt that this girl asking about me from priya. He also did the same, he also ask about me from priya. That day we dont even said hello to...

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Does love always die?

by Just Love

I don't even know where to start... I have been thinking for a long time before I decided to put it in writing, but I am tired of carrying this load and I'd like to share it with you :) My boyfriend and I have been together for 5 years and 8 months... A long time, I know :) In the beginning, just like every start of a relationship, it was like a fairy tale... Crazy in love, wild and happy. You know how it is, right? Only that in the past year and few months, everything turned upside down....

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My 1st love

by Sunny singh

I'm a boy of 16 yrs...i love to a girl...her name is chavi.she is in my school..i everytime look him..and think that why i love him..everytime ithought about chavi....but unfortunatily my friend also love him...he talk me about him day i go near to chavi..and purposed him....she said that i want some time fot thinking...and next day in school she gave reply... she said yes... but next day kuldeep slept on my face..and said that harshit u r lier... Kuldeep also purposed him...but chavi not agree... Next day chavi told me that kuldeep and his friend teas chavi everytime...i...

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Shattered heart & love

by m.sadiq hadji

It was last year when I met her during a school carnival. I was walking with my friend into the school of business when she bumped into her classmates. I didn't know what actually happened but I remembered I was staring at this particular lady in the group. From that day onwards, she never left my mind. After months of consideration, I finally took the first step. I wrote a letter to her confessing I actually was attracted by her and if we could be friends. I got my friend to pass her the letter and we started being friends....

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My boyfriends bestfriend

by Rosy

Sooo my boyfriend had a party at his house. The music was so loud and the house was crowded. I decided to go to my boyfriends room but I found his best friend in there. We started talking and before I knew it we were kissing. Afterwards I felt really bad so I locked myself in my bedroom for the whole of Spring break. Josh (my boyfriends bestfriend) came to visit me. We talked and decided to just forget about the party. After he left I realised I loved him so I broke up with my boyfriend. I went to...

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Is it Ended

by inam

The story begins when I met Ana sister of my elder bros wife she looked very reserved to all and i was also same the most reserve person of my family, our love story started from the day one I met her during the marriage of my big brother, her eyes were deep as sea, her lips were like the petal of flower she was just one of the most beautiful girl i have ever seen Then the course begun I was used to stay at her home as I was studying in college and she also liked to...

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Why you shouldn't be with me?

by Sheena Rei

Maybe you're thinking right now why I asked you to write an article on Why I shouldn't be with you, strange though it seems, me too doesn't know why. I was staring at this blank page for 30 minutes and I'm asking myself the question and I really don't know what to write cause to tell you the truth I always wanna be with you and I can't see myself without you but then, I must write an article on "Why you shouldn't be with me?" cause it would be unfair if you wrote one and I didn't cause in...

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Must be fate

by Fuzza

Induction day, the start of my new job I was ushered In to a tiny office with three other people, when in popped this good looking but short guy called Stephen he is the office manager of my new retail position. We all filled out the necessary paperwork and talked about ourselves, talked about music and activities we like to do. Straight away me and Stephen had things in common all the time me thinking he's kinda cute :) we all headed towards the warehouse where he put on a high vis jacket 4 sizes too big for him it...

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Love is not always at your disposal

by Rosie

You want him to love you! You want him to not only say that he loves you, but also to truly mean it! You want him to love you with that kind of love that can change someone; the kind of love that shuts his eyes closed for everyone but you and puts you in a halo of light around you. You want him to see the fire in your eyes, your eyes and only yours. You want him to feel the softness of your hair, your hair and only yours. You want him to seek the warmness in your...

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My Father Erwin, Forgive Me!

by Erwin

I am Shakie Pangster from Pangasinan and I just want to share my love story. CHAPTER # 1 When i entered in college, my classmates was amazed because of my name and surname. I was a half Filipino and half Nigerian that is why my name is Shakie Pangster. That my story starts when there was this girl that I adore too much, her name was Anna Fonti. I love her and obviously, I have a crush on her. She has long hair, brown eyes, white teeth and I think, she possess almost every positive things that we want to...

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I am really confused! Please, help!

by Matilda

Everything started when I least expected and what happened was something that I could never imagine happening to me! I was at a company party! Dancing, laughing, alcohol and right now, everything seems pretty fuzzy. I don't remember everything, but I remember enough to have occasional images coming up in my ming that are making me blush. ... Images full of passion and in which I strongly desire a certain man. I am positive that if he were here and if it were to be the right time, we wouldn't have possibly stopped by just with kissing or touching!!!...

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by Hilda

I was a girl who didn't have any experience in love. Since i was a kid, I always imagined how to feel to be in love. As I grew up my friends have their own ups and downs with it comes to relationship and I was asking myself why I haven't been experience the moments that my friends has. When I was 21 there was this guy I met. He is exactly what i am looking for in a guy. Tall, funny, good-looking and kind. As time goes by, we flirted around and suddenly it just stop. It kept me...

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My messed up life

by Janet

it all started when i was 12, i had friends that are alder than me, very older.. and they were dating and i was very curious into knowing what dating felt like, so i had my first boyfriend who was 6 years older than i was, i know, it was not clever but i loved him.. this guy would play me like a ball, i would see him with other women but i ddnt care as i believed it was love... so i kept holding strong, till he started beating me becsuse he believed i was misbehaving, i still stood...

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Love... as it is!

by Deario

I'm an 18 yr old girl&here is my cup of tea.... I'd xperiencd a no. of heart~lamenting breakups.As a matter of fct,i assured myself tat i wud neva fall in love with anyone aftr a series of failed relationships. I neva knew tat an old mate wud turn my clock around...?? We started chatting 3days ahead of EASTER BREAK... The story starts when i saw him on a socialnetwrking site... Without havin the slightiest hint of wat we'd turn into,i send him a friend request.He immediately accpted it on the grounds tat we had known each other since kindergarten.We...

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Falling in december



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Who is my true love??

by PK forever

it was during my mid adolescent years... i was attracted to this boy.. i just ignored this nd thought it would just be the teenage girl's infatuation.. as years passed my love towards him grew stronger that i thought it would be better i tell him... but a girl proposing to a guy.. i could hardly imagine dat.. i kept it a secret... but tried to be closer to him.. at times i also felt he loved me... but those all where jzt my imaginations.. he never proposed to me.. nd i went off to college where i met many...

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The desire of every girl...

by PK forever

Hi everyone.... when i was in 1st pu he saw me... i saw him ..... thatsit... we were in same class room... but we never talked a word till november when he was distribuiting tickets.... tjat was the first time.... later in d month of march our comunicatn began through fb.... by just sayn HI.... both replied... later in april it ws time to develop an ever lastn frndshp... v shared our numbers.... to tell about my honey he is such a guy.... swthrt.... dat evry grl would wish to have... our heights nd weights matched... ofcourse m too thin...

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Best Friends who never admitted their love

by sh

So my best friend and I have known each other a little over four years. We first met in fifth grade. I liked him a little in the middle of the year and then I started disliking him again. Sixth grade I despised him so much. Seventh grade we became close and talked a lot. He found out that I am a total tomboy and love video games and all that other stuff. I actually thought I was falling for him. He then asked me out and I said no. I had no idea what I was thinking so now...

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trust ur true love


STORY OF PARI, HOW I MEET HER I am a normal guy, with big dreams within my eyes. Waiting for Mrs. Perfect to come one day and come with me forever. I had lots of friends both girls and boys, they all use to pamper me cuz i use to spoke soft and love and help all. EMBARRASED-- One day around 11 OCLOCK in the MORNING i was talking to one of my friends in my college. As usual we were talking about random things and exchanging notes for homework when he suddenly show me someone in other class. I...

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Father of my unborn child

by Zara

After my SSC exam,I wanted to have a boy friend...just 4 fun...but there was none suitable.Suddenly one day a friend came to my house n said that a boy(let his name be A.T)has a crush on me...A.T was my friend's friend but I didn't know A.T though he knew me well. That day I asked my friend to call A.T so that I can talk to friend called A.T from her mobile n then I talked to A.T.I took A.T's number then started to talk to him regularly.One day A.T proposed me n I said yes.As I wanted a...

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My Love Story

by srm

I was a person who was totally against a relationship. But all of a sudden something happened to me…. It all started in the year 2010….I know him as my college senior….I have met him during the Orphanage visits which we students organize in college (he was in his pre-final yr, I in second yr)…. The very first time I met him kindled my feelings… Is this called “Love at first sight”????... After that day, almost for a year we never talked with each other nor texted (Both of us didn’t share our contacts even in FB)…But whenever we crossed...

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Love Story

by Zeba

Hi frenzz.,i directly wanna start this story..This is a True Love story.There was a guy name Rehan and a girl Zoya.zoya was very popular girl in her teenage life.she was very known person.she was very much intrested in making friends and she was having many boyfriends even,zoya never wanted to make many boyfriends but she goes in relationship because of her idot behaviour,and always she got ditched by thoes day when zoya was in 11th class she got a wrong number from a guy name kaif and as usual she started talking to that guy and then kaif and...

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Never love someone too much

by Satyakinkar dey

Hii, i'm 21 years old boy, studying pharmacy from a university. it all started when i joined university for studying pharmacy. I was selected from the waiting list, so my admission was 2 weeks after classes started. Our batch was the 1st batch of this university seeking pharmacy. I was happy that i will be a pharmacist one day. First day, when i entered the class, i was familiar with only two students, one is a boy & onether one is girl, rest are new. I seated on a seat and was checking every one. I saw a gud looking...

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Desperate in love

by RA

Hi, I am here today to share with you my story, I have been searching for love since I was a kid, I am now 29 years and I was not good in relationship, I am now on my bed writing to you and crying, feeling defeated and angry, wish i can do something to hurt the one i loved just to make him feel what i feel now. I met this guy last year, and he touched my heart very deeply. I was afraid to go on with him because i do not want to be hurt again....

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