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True stories


by Lulu

I appeal to the women, who are not spoilt, which insist on their principals, but are forced to compromise, I appeal to the resigned mothers who combine family with career, and I appeal to the beautiful loners. I have married 13 years ago against my parent’s will. I’ve been crying in my first marriage night, sitting on the bedroom suit. I gave birth to two children, which are very close with me. They painfully miss me, when I am travelling, or I am working, or I am under treatment far from home. I will not go in details about my...

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by Dy

I have soul pain. It’s not a pain, it’s bleeding. I am trying to walk with proudly head up, but I don’t succeed I feel like crying all the time I see nothing and nobody, since he left just like this. He did not say anything, he did not even accuse me and it used to be so nice, nice like I hadn’t felt for years. We got acquainted through the net. He comes from Sofia, I come from a village, there’s a 250 km distance between us – he has suffered without a mother, I’ve been divorced with 8...

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How can I live in peace with myself?

by Mary

Hello! Recently I feel very bad – I have no self confidence, no mood, no wish for doing something, I am very confused… Probably I am depressed, but I feel awfully! We are living together with my boy-friend for one and a half year, but I am very suspicious about his feelings. He is very kind with me, but I am bored all the time, angry, I don’t know what’s going on with me? I wish to be in peace with myself, but I don’t know how. How can I relax and how can I believe in myself? I feel...

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Mine is mine, the rest is common.

by Tyty

I have a big shortcoming and it is that I play on the rule – “mine is mine the rest is common” When somebody came into my perimeter, my jealousy goes out of control and I am able to do everything. But if I am in somebody’s perimeter I am allowed to everything, and I don’t care too much. I follow my aim all the ways. Please tell me how can I get rid of my possessive attitude?

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I got involved by myself in this mess, but how...

by Kay

Hello! I read your stories and I got the courage to ask for your advice, because I don’t know any more what to do. So that’s my story. I am 27 year old, married for two years, I have normal relationship with my husband, sometimes we understand each other, sometimes we fight, we make compromises, but he is not my biggest love and that’s the problem, he is not very interested in me – where I am and what I do. I’ve met the other before I got married – we were just friends in a same company, we were...

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I am married, but I fell in love with a...

by Suzi

Hi! I have nobody to share my story with, that’s why I decided to write about it here. My story is not something that had never happened, but for me this is a first time and I don’t know what to do. I am married for 10 years. My marriage is quite, without problems, my husband is trustful, and I have two wonderful boys – 9 and 12 year old. A year ago I’ve changed my job. And there everything started. It’s about a colleague. He is also married with two kids. He seems to be a trustful husband, totally...

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I hate you because I love you, and it hurts...

by Monika

I hate you so much! I hate you, because you make me fall asleep in tears every night… and with each tear I hate you more, because it hurts me more. I hate you, because you frozen the blood in my veins…and you made the smile vanish of my face. I hate you, because any object is reminding of you … and you left my soul rambling naked. I hate you so much, that your name leaves me breathless, but when I hear it the hope for tomorrow is taken away. I hate your shadow – your silhouette is...

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Bad action

by Joan

Not know how to begin, before 4 months, this would be an wonderful story, which, however, I turn into a nightmare. It all started 4 years ago. I met with him in an American chat room, which used to exercise his tongue. She lived in New York and wanted to see me only 2 months after our acquaintance. Everything was going as well as in fairy tales, so the better. As is seen, every 2 months or here, or more often to some exotic place, which features both izbirahme.Loshata it was his jealousy and distrust sometimes, otherwise everything else was...

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Why should it be this way?

by Sad

Hi everyone! I hope you'll at least here I’ll be heard. I met him 2 years ago and we are together for a year and a half... I don’t know what happened to me the last few months I’m unbearably jealous and even I cannot stand myself but I think I changed the moment one of his former girlfriends appeared and started looking for him .I saw him several times on his computer chatting with her. I was very difficult to assimilate what was written because everything was like "you will always stay my honey-bunny”,”you know I'm good in bed...

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Friend - rival

by anonymous

I am 38 y. old and happily married for many years. We have two wonderful children. I have a problem that many wives have, so I would like to help me with advice. My husband has a childhood friend who married 3-4 years after us to a woman I can briefly describe as the dream woman for every man - pretty, with nice body, kind, helpful, etc. I also liked her we are family friends for many years. My husband is not the type womanizer, and keeps family and family values close to his heart and with few exceptions we...

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Does the size matters?

by Ryana

Dear, Ladies, I am shocked and I have nobody to share, that’s why I address this to you. I am an independent woman, middle age, educated, well looking. I had several relations with men/4 exactly/, which fizzled out, because of complete incompatibility. Finally I’ve met the man of my dreams – beautiful, intelligent, tender, kind. I fell in love, so he did. I was about to faint when I saw him for the first time without clothes, I’ m serious. I could not believe, a man 190m.tall, with wide shoulders, has penis with the size of my thumb, and his...

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When the nice dream is over and you found yourself...

by Loly

I had the best boy-friend in the World. I’ve fallen head over heels in love. When one day we got married and everything went the wrong side out. Our passion fade away, he started somehow to accept me as a fact, I was good doing my house wife duties and accepting with willingness his desire for sex. The birth of our child I supposed would fix the things somehow, but I was wrong. We’ve been married for 3 years now, I am 22, but I feel like we are married for 20 years. I shared my feelings with him, but...

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I love him, although i know i will never hear...

by Angie

Hi, everybody! I read the stories in this site regularly, and finally I got the courage to tell mine. It started a year ago, when I went out for a coffee with somebody I knew. We were not dating, we had just a coffee, but after that he started to visit me very often, he came to me at least twice daily. We were talking, and watching each other and the eyes were sparkling. I am 30 year old he is 8 years older. So one day I felt I wanted to kiss him, as I understood he will not...

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Does it worth to cheat on?

by Pipi

Hello, I’ve mused many times on others’ stories, and now I’ve decided to tell mine. We are together with my boy-friend for three years, and of course we’ve changed more or less during this time. As we are not living alone on an island, there are people around us, which influent us somehow. We passed through good and bad moments. I want to clarify e few things – hi is a passive type by nature, occasionally he can make any proposal, most of all he likes sitting at the computer, instead of going for a walk or something like this....

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I am pregnant, but I am scared

by Lina

You might get bored with a wish-wash story. I wished so much to have kids. I made an abortion three years ago, it was not the right moment/financial difficulties, other headaches, as well as antibiotics taken in the beginning of my pregnancy, very small fetus in the 3rd month/ but I wanted so much… It was very hard for me since that time. We’ve been trying for a long time after that, until we understood the problem, we solved it, and it happened right after that. He was very happy, after he saw the test, he was glad. But he...

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Can't live without him

by Zairish

I am 25 year old very charmaing beautiful and educated girl i bellongs to very respectable family back ground. when i was student i had no affair. every boy wants to marry me but i dont like any one. At the age of 23 i met a person he was my colleague he helped me a lot when i was in trouble. he introduced me with his family he has one married sister and fiancee. He lives with his mother. he is very differnt person i ever met. i fall in love with him but he got engage....

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If I feel that love is fading away….


I’m asking for an advice, not for criticism! If you don’t have an advice for me you moral, “perfect”, “free from sin” people, keep your opinion for yourself, please! I have lived abroad for a long time and this site has been my best friend, my only advisor and my only vent. My warmest thanks to all of you who manage it and to those who post in it (apart from the ones mentioned above). Various circumstances made me run off the rails – one year of misery; I lost my...

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Love tetragon

by Sonia

Hi, Here is my story – I started an affair with my husband’s best friend. Gradually, things got serious and we started falling in love with each other. I wanted all this to stop because I love my husband. We have two wonderful children and I felt awful knowing what I’m doing to them. But despite that I needed to continue my secret love affair. One day I found out that my husband had a relationship with my lover’s wife. It was true, as funny as it might sound. We both admitted our...

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I love them both!

by Veselina

I’ve been married for ten years. My marriage is a happy one and we have a 7-year-old child. You wander what more could I want? I’ve been maintaining a love-affair for 2 years with someone else. At first we didn’t say a word to each other; then, we got closer; we talked for hours; we laughed. He started sharing his family problems with me and this was the way we became friends. I changed the place I worked and two days after that we started our relationship. I’ve never thought that...

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by Lusia

I’m married abroad and my life is a hell. He works a lot all the time – 12 hours a day. He never pays me enough attention and my opinion is of no great importance to him. We rarely have sex… He has forbidden me to find a job in my line. I work in his company but I’m not fond of my responsibilities, my co-workers and my salary. He said he will never divorce me, his family is such snobs. I use three languages and I have university education, but they don’t care...

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Just dedicated

by eyes_on_you

I write this for a person who has left a mark in my heart… and in the hearts of many others who knew him. You were with me all the time for so long. You were always there – my best friend… I couldn’t find out whether you were more than a friend. I unroll the reel of my memories. Is it me – this child over there…up in the mountains where dreams rise up to Heaven? I loved to wake up with the sound of birds; to take a deep breath of the...

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The beauty and the male-virgin

by kikki_dee

Hi, I was in a situation that totally confused me and I’ll be happy if you help me with an advice. I’m dating a 23-year-old guy, nothing special on the outside. I’m with him because he is an interesting person – from a psychological point of view. For the first time I meet such a shy man. All in all, we are absolutely different. In other words, I’m too impulsive, warm-blooded and energetic for him. But this is not my point! We won’t be together forever. That’s clear! But for me sex was never a taboo topic. I may...

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Unrequited love or soemthing else?

by AngiePR

This could be along story and to someone who will listen I can go through everything but let's cut to the chase. When I was 14 I met a guy. He was incredible and 3 years older than me. I knew I didn't have a chance but when I was 15 yrs old he started showing interest. By the age of 16 I was dating him pretty steady. At the age of 17 with alot of turmoil in my life I left the state and moved. I had contact with him but it became bitter. I married, then...

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Love is in the Air

by Love is in the Air

Well, here we are in February and many people are celebrating St. Valentines. It is a good time to think about love and relationships to put a bit of warmth in our lives after a long winter. Today, I would like to look at what love is. The English language only has one word for love and it is used interchangeably for almost everything. We can say I love my husband and I love Chocolate. Both are using the same word and it is only by the context that we can ascertain the difference. The Greeks, on the other...

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