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True stories

I miss him so bad

by missinghim

I am yet just only 19 years old, but I was with this guy for going on 10 years on and off. We started going out when I was 10 and he was 11. And we have been back and forth to each other (even after we never had anything to do with each other for the two years that i was with another guy, we still remained very close) I Love this guy, obviously. And he is such a nice person, inside and out. I know we love each other a lot. We just never talk about it....

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by renee

Im a young women 24 who was in love with a older guy 34. This story can go on for days im just going to get to it.I have a son(toddler)and i currently had to move out of where i was staying and i had no where to go so i moved in with my son\' father.The first two weeks was good then things started changing he started treating me like he owned me.Out of seven days in a week he comes home two,if i say something things get out of hand and he want\'s to fight. He calls...

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Happiness and pain

by Inkognito

Hi, friends… This letter is written by a boy who doesn’t know what to do because he is afraid of losing the person he loves. I’m only 19 but I’ve been confronted with many things in life. Last year my life was a complete mess. I lived day by day. Everything was dull; I had nobody beside me until I met her… It was as if a phoenix was born inside of me. In the beginning I was acting indifferently but one evening I admitted my feelings to her. I expected her to laugh or to tell me that...

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When there is no way out... you start looking for...

by Silna

It is a long story but I wish to present it in 10 lines and I’ll try! Just 5-6 years ago I had a happy marriage with 2 beautiful children. Then SHE appeared, and turned our life into HELL, but, as it seems, adultery is something normal these days. The triangle is obvious! I can’t see a way out of the situation, so obviously I have to seek a way in. But how and where? My husband doesn’t feel well lately. He doesn’t want to abandon me and he also has twinges of conscience, but he...

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Unattractive woman = happy woman

by Alex

I decided to write here on a prosaic purpose – my boyfriend left me brutally about a month ago. We got along wonderfully, we completed each other’s sentences (as silly and sweetish as it sounds)….I thought that I finally found HER – the true love. There’s no point in telling you that he convinced me of the same. And what happened? We broke off and the reason was the most improbable that you can imagine – he said I was too beautiful and too smart for him!!! I don’t think there is anybody capable to comprehend the absurdity...

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An unposted letter

by Stela

You are not mine… The minutes spent with you… and then you were gone, you disappeared, you steamed away. Only the thought of the touch of your lips brings me back to life, your hands call me, your eyes are filled with passion. And I get so tiny and tender. I have never felt this way. A man like you has never been a part of my life, probably because I’ve never been ready for that. I feel you with my mind, with every single cell of my body. I can touch you with my thought. I perceive...

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Am I jealous or is he a flirt?

by Pegi

I’m trying to find the answer to this question and it’s really hard for me, believe me! I truly love my husband with whom we’ve been married for 8 years, the first 3 of which we spent living separately in different countries. Now we are already together. In the beginning everything was perfect and I even feared sharing this with others because people say “it’s too good to last”. So, I’ve noticed recently that when we are in a company with handsome men my husband is constantly around me and he is very kind and affectionate to me....

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I wish you won't blame me

by Gabby

My love, Sinful, secret, insatiable. You came and shattered my life as a spring storm, you hurled away my peaceful days and nights. You keep a tight rein on me and lead me in an unknown direction. Where will I find myself? Who can give me the answer? The curtain of the future is closed and I can’t see the end of this love – sudden, temporary, forbidden. I love you! I love you to distraction with that sinful love of a married woman, torn apart between the allowed and the forbidden, the workday and the expectation. I...

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For you my love...

by M.

Hi… I know that you will never actually read this letter and this is not my aim here. It’s just that yesterday I realized I will never be beside you any more. I will never kiss the lips that I love so much, I’ll never caress your hair as I used to. Yes, my whole world collapsed yesterday. Because my whole world was you…… I can’t…, oh God, I still can’t accept the thought that you won’t be next to me. I know that I made mistakes. I did awfully many foolish things. I shouldn’t have gone away. I...

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The secret shelter

by tnij

Hi, I would like to get your opinion on the following matter. I’ve read it somewhere that in a man’s heart there is a secret shelter where only one woman can enter and many porches which, I’m sorry to say, are not empty. Is this true? I think that men are selfish and prefer that place to be vacant. They don’t want any woman to settle there, not for anything in the world, no matter what their feelings are. This way they have the choice to put there whoever they want just at will. If a woman accidentally happens...

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I'm in love with my boss

by Anna

Hi! I’ve been plucking up courage to write to you for a long time but today I decided to tell my story and probably to find somebody who can give me a piece of advice or just listen to what I have to say. The problem is that I’m in love with my boss and I can’t admit my feelings to him. Everybody will think that this is just a pretext for getting a promotion or for keeping my job. They can’t understand that this is love actually. And what if he refuses me flatly? I will look...

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It hurts….

by Az

Hi, friends.I thought that I had overcome this. I believed that I got it over and I was going to continue forward. But there are moments when pain clutches me and I miss him….Our relationship lasted quite long considering the fact that we were married. We loved each other without making promises. We knew that if we had changed our relations, magic would have disappeared. The thought of divorcing my husband and marrying him has never crossed my mind. We are grown up people with realistic outlook after all.The time that I spent with him was very precious to me...

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Is this normal?

by Rumi

I have 5 years' connection with a person whom we love very much. I am 28 and he 27. Until about a year ago categorically deny and not want to have a child. I wish to appear suddenly and when I told him he replied that he did not want now, because according to him the best and would have to be born in the spring. I feel deceived and cheated. Now I doubt everything. Can you think someone who loves you and who claimed that he wanted a child from you for a long time now to go with...

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Serious problem with weight ...:(

by Little

Hello, I have a serious problem with weight and it therefore my fault, and I write to help me with advice. So my weight was normal and felt good, but one day just like that a joke I thought 1 or 2 kilograms less will be good for me. And I started a diet, but once you download a few and you wish to further thin and so I began to do experiments with literally their weight. And so to the latter diet, which did of Lydia Kovatcheva - indeed I took everything unnecessary, but come see me now -...

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How to get rid of its complex?

by Eliza

Hello! :):):) For quite some time reading this site you Needless to say that I like I want to ask you to give me advice on a personal matter connected with my body, which dislikes. Things are like this: I am 19 old, normal physique, do not look bad, pretty person perspective as I am around people I was determined. I graduated from a prestigious school, took me to a great university, I found a job for the summer. In a word, I am not the girls who love to waste their time, do not like to shlaya, did quite...

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How to overcome jealousy...?!

by Anonymous

Together we are already almost a year, much love, but put it with jealousy, I think that with such zeal that dare lose it, but I at least want it. From the beginning things were not as they are now. When we met he had a girlfriend and I lied a lot and to myself in particular, will tell you how. Initially I was told that they were separated, I was naive, because many wanted to own it and believe his every word without hesitation, that still does not know him and have no right "to believe...

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