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True stories

Love or parents

by randomgiggles16

I am a 17 years old girl, going through hell with my mother because of my boyfriend, who is poor just like me, but he graduated High, going to college in january, he's into an athletic career, he plays Basketball, and he wants to study medical courses also. I haven't finished yet because of her instability, moving from places back and forth,but I'm getting my GED, I'm into modeling career and medical too. Well, since he's 18 he don't have a so good job, he gets payed 200 dollars a week, and that's pretty much to buy he's own little...

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Already dead

by GoneButNotForgotten

We were in deep, deep love. She was the best girl I could have ever asked for. She was there for me when I needed her and I was there when she needed me. We were very close, like kittens are to their mothers, we were drawn to each other. With everything she did I felt more for her, nothing she did could make me stop. She was just so amazing, I was so lucky to have someone as great as her. We'd cuddle at night, sleep next to each other, kiss each other passionately and just generally love each...

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First love

by blueberrycheesecake

hi... I'm very happy today to share to all of you my love story.It's been a long time love story of mine. 10 years, yes 10 years! first crush, first love. my friend, my brother, my best friend, my crush and my LOVE. He is really nice, gentleman and handsome guy. He is the best friend of my brother. and i got his attention and we are close together. he knows that i have a crush on him. Because all of my classmates knows it. i am very grateful to be with him as a friend. but times and years...

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by kiara

I don't knw how to strt.. 2 yrs bck a boy used to lyk me.. I don't even knew him.. wen I came to knw abt him.. I saw d boy.. his name was chinmay.. I dint lyk him at dat tym.. but just becoz of my frndz I got in a relationship with him.. but 2nd day I broke up wid him.. becoz it was soo in a hurry I dint gt even tym to thnk abt him.. soo I broke up.. but we became frndz on fb.. vry gud frndz.. days passed he proposed me again 3 tymes.....

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Since we were kids

by TheChosenOne

His name is John, tall, brown eyes, brown hair. He's native, so am I. When we were about 12 years old or so.. I got dared to kiss him, so I did. I didn't really think anything of it until the winter of 2010. He was with his pregnant girlfriend, I was with his cousin at the time. We were teengagers: he was 17, I was 16. His cousin (my boyfriend at the time) fell asleep on the other side of my queen mattress, John layed next to me. Me and John began to talk about everything we ever could.....

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Lost in love

by Kenyan boy

I didn't know that i was in love until my friends concluded that after their keen observations. They were right. I was in love and so i am till today. My story begun some 3 years ago. My two friends and i used to go for our private studies in another of our friend's home who happened to be my best friend till today. His sister just below him in their family is she whom i fell in love with without my knowledge for we could chat and she would be very happy no matter the situation she was in...

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The Pathetic Love...

by LmNoP

We started along on a rough path, she hatted me. I haven't the slightest clue what I did to make her stop. We started dating, we were happy. We began fighting every now and then, but I still loved her. She began acting different, losing interest in the concept of us, I didnt know why. Whenever I confronted her about it, it'd turn into an argument, so I left it alone. She started drifting, further and further into open waters, out of my reach. My suspicions became a reality when I found out she was cheating. I was so angry...

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True Love truned into nightmare

by James

Hi, my name is James and my wife name is Angel. We have been together now for 5 years. Let me start with my background before I met my wife. Like all men, I too was enjoying my life to the fullest. I had lot of friends; went on a weekend outing, drinks, party and so on. I am a Christian and she is a Hindu and I had a lot of opposition from my parents and families. Even my friends advised me to stop seeing her and start new considering the consequences. But I was so much in love...

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From Friend to Lover...

by Mo

It all started in the summer of 1995, when I was 10. I grew up in an upper-class family in London. My father, Albert, was a business man and worked in a company where he'd meet new people everyday. My mother, Katherine, worked for a fashion institute, so out of school hours, I was left to be cared for by our house maid, Maria. One day, when I was 10, my father invited a new friend of his who worked in the same company. I remember that day clearly. Jack, his wife Mary and only daughter entered our front...

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You never know what you have until you lose it...

by fanyisgreen

I already wrote part of my story with him here but I feel the need to finish it to explain how did things happen. Yall probably don't even care but I'm not writing this because I want other peoples pity all I want is take this burning pain that would never go away that is constantly in my chest consuming me like a fire. Well here I go.. it was a few months before my birthday I was in my sophomore year during vacations me and him had break up because I was moving I told him at first...

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Pressure caused by family can also affect love

by cuty

From the very beginning, girl's family objected strongly on her dating this guy, saying that it has got to do with family background, & that the girl will have to suffer for the rest of her life if she were to be with him. Due to family's pressure, the couple quarreled very often. Though the girl loved the guy deeply, she always asked him: "How deep is your love for me?" As the guy is not good with his words, this often caused the girl to be very upset. With that & the family's pressure, the girl often vents...

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You never know what you have until you lose it

by fanyisgreen

He came to me in my time of most need like a super hero you could say. I was never really good with all this relationships thingy to be honest I have always been to shy with guys. I get nervous easily around them but with him I didn't and maybe that's why I never realise he liked me in any way imean I don't considered myself beautiful or gorgeous at all I always though I was average not to ugly to make baby's cry of course. I had a rough childhood I had been sexually abuse by my own...

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The Love of My Life

by Virtual Love

i m a mature 38 years old male. 2 months ago i met a woman on a chat site.we began to talk everyday.i saw her via cam and she saw me too. we bothe fell in love with each other.but there is a problem she is married and i m too. there r kids. we call each other as husband and wife. we r scared about to come nither her nor i can stay away from each other. i dont wanna loose my family but i dont wanna loose my virtual life love.she thinks the same.we r not kids...

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Love leaves you when you need it the most

by Anaya

Some people strangely become part of your daily life and it becomes quite impossible to live when they leave. I was 21 then when he entered in my life like a family friend. I dint know that this guy was going to change my life completly. The weirdest thing about him was his age, he was 17. We started talking like family friends and then i dont know how and when we became quite good buddies. Twenty four hours a day we used to chat , call or text each other. Like i shared secrets of my life with him...

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Tell me Y I am like this??

by crazy

hello everyone, I'am a 15 year old teenager that always living a tough life wit my family. I may sound boring but all this words come from my heart and head. We are a happy family just that i am always the one that do things bad. I go to bed late everyday,don't eat like for 1 week and i feel normal. My brothers are on drugs. And i don't like them doing those bad thing. I don't know what to tell them or do with them. My mom has a boyfriend that i don't like. He think that I...

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A upset girl who likes this one boy very much

by unknown

i am a teenage girl,& so in love with this teenage boy. who doesn't know i existed.. well the truth is he knows me but never acts like i existed at all!, which makes me depressed ofcourse. Every day at school he never says hello or whats up... he acts like i'm invisible. so one day i drank a couples of beefs and i went online.. and guess what? he was online:o omg! you know what happenings when your drunk right? your go out of control & don't care what peoples say, so i said hi to him... he replyed...

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Heart break

by Lhiane

i want to share my story for those people who feels heart break too .. * it was started when i was 19 yrs old i fall in love so fast , to guy that i met in the province when me and my family was on vacation , he was my crush at that time so when he courting me ill say yes , that was so past, i found out myself so inlove with him and later on i discovered he has a gf to.. I was crying to my mom and she told me forget...

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my crush

by kimberly377

hi my name is rachel and today july 11 im going to tell you people about my crush starting now , his name is is jj and he has brown eyes and he is cute and sweet because one day i got pushed and he asked me if i was ok but i did not answer because i was crying and hes nice too and fyi i love him hes my limit hes my heart and by the way jj is the one i have across my heart

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i search my destiny

by marra

i was only grade five when i saw unfamiliar face of a cute boy in the backyard of my dearest god parents i told my self 'oh whos that boy hes so cute but he is malnourished becoz hes so thin, 'i got crush on him of course i do my best to know not only the name of my crush for all about him when i found out his the cousin of my close god brother,everyday i always look at him but he doesnt care about my presence i want to talk to him i want to introduce my...

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Fifteen Minutes

by Frank Dexter

Recently, a friend of mine, for some strange reason, asked me to list the ten times in my life that I would like to go back and relive for fifteen minutes. Not to change, as we all know what happens when we accidentally change the space-time continuum. Just to relive the moment and the emotion. Always up for a little mental exercise, I thought about it for a few days and, on my lunch hour one day, listed them out, in no particular order. 1) The moment my son was born in 2011; 2) The moment I met my...

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Jealousy or what

by Abby

I have been married for five wonderful years. We have it all mutual understanding, common interests, good sex life, nothing to complain about not even financial troubles. But I have a problem. My husband is one of those charming men with perfect manners who captivate everyone with ease. That is one of the reasons why I married him but nowadays this part of his personality makes me nervous. It really bothers me when he pays attention to other women or when they pay too much attention to him. It doesn’t matter if it is a family friend, a waitress,...

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I, the other woman

by Monica

Hi all known and unknown friends! I wanted to write my story here for a long time. It is really trivial thing to read on the net I have an affair with a married man. I know that many of you are going to call me names and tell me who terrible is that I’m destroying a family but I am also sure that many of you will support me. We met in the most trivial way via the Internet. It turned out that we had so many things in common, hobbies, interests, personality... To clarify we both lived in...

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100% True Story - In the mid of a life...

by Niksa

Hi Friends. To introduce myself, I am Niksa (name changed). I am narrating my 100% true story which I dont know that whether I should call a love story at all. I am writing this story to seek your opinion and take the most important decision of my life. If you are interested in masala Only, its time you shitf to another story because it's not a masala story at all. This story has been narrated on 26th feb,2012. I shall narrate the story in three phases: First Phase: The story starts five years back when I entered my engineering...

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Our parting

by Lorry

I want to tell you the story of our parting. Not about the parting when you are abandoned and you think nothing else matters anymore. I am living in another country for quite some time now, but home is always where the heart is, so every summer I pack my bags and leave for my favorite country. Last summer was different. I felt grown-up and wise, attractive and a woman who left the child years behind. I wasn’t ready to allow yet another love disappointment and unrequited love, as I did last summer. I decided to fill up...

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