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True stories

The story of my life

by Rotu

Hi im 19yr nw b4r 2yr.. A boy cm clg wit may best frnd i ws met him ther nd we becm frds after 2moths the boy proposd me nd after 20dys i said him yes then we becom closd after 1yr he egnur me he dint recv my cal dint repy my msg so after 2mnth he cal me nd said i wan to break wit u bt he dint gv me reason nd he out of my life.. Bt i was waiting 4 him evry day evy mnth nd nw its becom 2 yr i m waitin 4...

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Unexpected, unconditional love!!!

by mahi

24th sept,2011.....yaa....that was the date !! When he proposed me ...I was 14 and the guy whom I loved proposed me !! I was glad ....more than glad actually !! I said yes !! We were together for almost 4 months... 21rst jan,2012 .....the day we broke up ! Nd there was no reason for our break-up ! He just told me that he wants to break up with me ....and I like an idiot replied okay ! I didn't even ask him the reason ! I was so much in love with him ! It...

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A true love

by Neep

Hie evey1 i m going 2 share u all my love story ...... Its been 9 months of our relationshp n we hav sufferd a lot till nw bt nw evrythng is fine so i will share my love stort of diz 9 months.... We 2 study in a same skul she is 13yrs old n i m 16yrs old.....d story begans nw 1 dae aftr da skul was ovr i along wid ma frnz n c was waitng 4 her parnts 2 go hme suddenly my eyes went 2 her n i was starng at her 4 2-3mins n...

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Is this really true

by iya

Fairy tales, dreams, things like happiness, love, passion, do they really exist ? This was my question 2 years back when i was deep stuck into the world of grief, loneliness, .sadness and remorse. What worse could have happened. Being in a relationship with someone you don't want to be with. Someone who is just considering you as a part of his game world. Yes, thats true. It feels like hell when someone just says i love you just to get the bad side of you . Just to fulfill ones own desires. And still you believe that "this guy...

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From An Online Game

by koikoi05

helow , i just wanna publish my love story with my girlfriend now . I'm 19 and she's 14 , okay that's a gap in age but we don't care cuz we soo love each other . We met from an eyeball from an online game clan , so i ask for her number and after that we texted . I never thought i would fall for her , she's not like any other girls i've ever date before . So i started courting her and she was still not ready . After two months she finally answered me and...

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Unconditional love

by Ships

I have always believed in love...I waited it to happen naturally. I met aman in my graduation 1st year. We both used to notice each other in class and smile...soon we became friends and within five months he said he loves me...I found out that he had a reputation of flirt and my friends warned me to stay away from him...I tried to do that but my heart Wudnt stop thinking about luk of his and I melted...I wanted to just forget about his past flirts nd girlfriends all the rumors and just love him....he was smart humorous handsome...

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True love story

by Sona

Hi Friends I am Sona and i want to share my story with all of you.I met a boy before 1 and a half year when i was alone in my life, There is no one with whom i can share my feelings. When i met him that time he was my good friend, after that we fall in love with each other. Now we are together and going to marry after some time. And today i can say that i am a luckiest girl of this world coz he is with me and chosen me as his life partner....

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True love

by Shanurie

It all happen when I was 13 years old and when we moved in at your new house oh I must say it was very nice but on the 3 of August 2010 my whole life changed I met the love of my life.I was a person who gave a damn about boys and dating all I cared for was soccer that was my life but when he entered my life everything changed my whole life changed.He was 27 and yes I know he is old but he somehow he is the 1 for me.I will never forget the I...

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Hum in the morning

by Nila

In a beautiful morning, I woke up from my deep sleep. I saw around me was quiet, but the front door slightly open. I guess, my mother has not gone to market but my father would have been in the fields. I remember, this day is a Sunday, the day I was love and always I am waiting for, normally, I can wake up late and do not have to shower in the morning. I can just play with all my heart's all the day. All my friend out there would be waiting me. We always play kites in the...

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If Its love let it be!

by William mabolabola

Love its a feeling that we can't control, once it takes it place we just a to accept it and live with it. Love is like a plant, it takes time to grow but when you stop caring for it, it slowly dies...

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True love

by Imran

I met Hapiness Daniel on phone evendo we haven't met before but i dont know why i cant do without her because she's too kind and loyal no body can replace her in my mind because i believed where ever i go i most go back to her and appologies. i met Happiness last three years ago and we hard a good moment togther we had a true love. my will is 2marry her infuture after our education, he or she who read this aticle should kindly pray for us with life prosperity and ever dating.

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Unseen love...

by Shona

Hi everyone well u all must be thinking y the title of the story is unseen love. u will be surprised to know tht i m in love with the guy to whom i had never seen so the story starts like.. It was a snowy day when the guy called me up i was so happy becoz of snowy night tht i talked to him he started conversation with giving his intro and mine too ... he told me that he followed me since last few days and got to know me a lot more then i kw myself...

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I want u my love...

by Yash

Guyz, this is a true story. It's not at all fake. I'm a guy 19 years old.i am in deep love with a girl named athira.she's in my class , in my group. At first sight only i fall in love with this girl. But never took risk to tell her. Everytime when i got chance i tried to talk with her, to be close with her, but it didnt worked. Every sec of ma lyf i took with her name. She is just an angel to me. Every group member was knowing that i'm in love with her even...

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Endless love

by Huestraining Franchise

In 2010, while I still in the middle of my school, I have two shy friend, Andrew 12 year olds met in their 6th grade class. He was tall, lanky, goofy and mature for his age. And she was a litle chubby girl but pretty, and really involved in life and school activities (her name is Olivia). From the second he met her, he loved her. His eyes were transfixed on her sea green eyes and her infectious laugh. She thought he was sweet, but other than that, she didn't give him the time of day. He did everything to...

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To a friend

by Huestraining Franchise

Sunny morning, birds chirping merrily, singing morning dew brings daydreams fly a farm boy in the foothills of Bali. Others are busy with their own activities - each as if - as if no one was around them and silence the little boy lost in reverie. Arrived - he heard a loud scream of a grandmother calling out his name, "Ketut ,,,, Ketut ,,,, come here Boy a minute?" That Boys briefly turned toward the voice and the half lazy to move from where he was sitting day dreaming, looking at a stretch of verdant rice fields. "What's Grandma ,,,,...

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Snow princess and prince of the land breeze

by Huestraining Franchise

Deep in the north part of the world, there is a very majestic kingdom. Kingdoms sunlight away from the country, where there has been a very long winter that everywhere there was only cold ice and ice. In this kingdom, there was a Princess who was very beautiful. So beautiful that it becomes the pride of the people of the country. She’s parent, Queen and King hope someday if her daughter was growing up, will going to get married with a Prince. Snow White spends his days in the palace, dancing and singing accompanied by a royal servant. Sometimes when...

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My brothers friend

by Emma

I am 17 years old Muslim girl . Em crazy about my brothers friend . He comes to our house very often it all started on my brothers wedding he stared me where ever I went he even smile at me wen we had I contact . He was engaged before but just before a few weeks in his marriage he broke up. He wasn't sad at all he came to our house told us all his story nd then told my mum to find him a girl. He even told my brother to get him married to someone from...

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by Gone

Here I lay, alone, profusely contemplating about what it is I should tell you. I don't want to hurt you, but I know I already have, and now you're hurting me. Switch the clock back 6 months and we were golden, everything between us was, well, great, to say the least. And then maybe three months ago I made a mistake, we weren't even together when I made the mistake though, so what was so awful about it? I still don't understand and probably never will considering how little I ever really got you. So, we stopped talking, grew further...

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The girl that cured me

by BèBø

hellow everybody am abdulla , from yemen , 17 years old . i may cant type english so good but i\'m so sure that u can rlly understand me .. My story based on a film that i've seen but i forgot it's name , i used to love a grl when i we're 13 years old she was cute , honest , kind .. A princess . I never seen her hair because she wears 7egab our relashionship lasts for 2 monthes then i suddenly wake up , nd find out that she has gone ( dead ).. I...

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The confused love

by Ladyheart

My story is kinda surprisng there is this guy i never met but we came to know each other,through phone since he was the bf of my friend but they break up and we became so close,best friends i donno what i feel for him.could it be love?can i surely love stranger?anyway is confusing.

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Love: a strange feeling...

by sam

Hi guys ...this is dilpreet or sam ...i'm 19 n have fallen in love with a girl ...sonam...i don't know whether she loves me or not. we sit together in class n share our feelings with each other...but there is another problem that a girl name preeti likes me and is sonam's best friend ...yeah i also like her but i only love sonam. So now i'm confused that whether to except preeti's love for me or to continue my one way love for sonam...i don't whether she likes me or not ...plz help me out with this problem

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Secret Love

by sony

I met my love in orkut.The day we chat for the very first time, we exchanged phone numbers. He called me and then on we started speaking everyday after getting tired of work. It was so good to be with him over the phone and i never knew how long our conversation goes. I met him for the first time and then i fall in love with him. spending my time with him was like i came to know him much better and i discovered a whole new love for him. His romantic, true and of course handsome. But all...

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Crying Inside

by Ynez

It's funny when you seems to be happy, or should I say you feel happy.. the feeling that you've totally moved on but when you see that person, all of a sudden the feeling's back... I realized time cannot totally heal and make you forget.. but acceptance can. Even if you already have your own life with somebody who loves you so truly, your past can really come haunting you back. The present situation cannot cover the hurts of the past, not unless we've learn how to truly let go. I am now happy with the life that I have....

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Is this what everyone call as "MAGICAL" love???

by Rimi

It was when I was in class 6, when I first noticed HIM.... He was then in class 8.... 2 years older than me..... It was at the time of our HOUSE ACTIVITY CLASS... In this period, classes 6, 7 and 8 sat altogether.... My first day of class 6.... and also my first day of day session....tooo much excited.....nervous too because of new teachers and all.... At that time, my friends also got separated....all got different sections and unfortunately, I got the section where no friends of mine were present...I was all alone. Back to the main incident,...

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