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True stories

Is there a friendship after love?

by Anon

Maybe my story will sound strange and confusing, but I still can't formulate it exactly, and I want to talk and hear your opinions! It all started last summer.After my prom, I was an intern in a company, and after the internship, I stayed to work for the summer. There I met a man whom I initially felt a little hostile to, but we gradually became closer, and one day I realized that I was in love with him.I had never met a man like him - painfully frank and direct! He is 30 years old, not engaged, not married,...

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He Cheated on Me While I Was Pregnant

by Emily

I read a lot and I decided to tell quickly tell you my story. For some time now I’m confused about my feelings and I think that by writing the story it would be easier for me to find an answer. After marring the man, with whom I thought I would spend the rest of my life, we started trying for a baby. After 4 years and several IVF attempts I finally got pregnant. It was a hard pregnancy. The whole time I felt that my husband was cheating. We had many conversations, and of course he denied it. It...

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Taste Of True Love

by Vamsi Nani

LOVE and LIFE are corelated,life will be beautiful only if we love everythying in this life,,every one might have faced true love in thier lifes ,but very few will be knowing about its pain . TRUE LOVE .. Whats meant by True love ? Many people might have tasted its sweetness ,,and same number of people got cheated too .I dont know to which group i belongs too ,i strongly believe in things that ,winning will says to this world" what you are ??" ,,but failure in things makes us to understand "what world is ???".so i always enjoy my...

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Is it possible to be lucky in love again?

by Rangel89

I have been lucky enough to fall in love twice but unlucky enough for either of the relationships to last. I am still reeling from my last relationship but Now it's more a case of just not knowing if there's someone out there for me, I would just like to ask, how many times can you fall in love before finding the right person? Some may see this as a silly question and there's probably no definite answer but I feel so lucky to have had at least experienced love in my life that maybe my luck has run out...

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by wick

Hi frens,, I m a student of bachelors 2nd year. I've fallen into love many times before this one but later I realised all of those were just the matter of physical appearance. The girl I like is amazing, the way she talks, every time she looks at me makes me realize as if I also have got a loving heart... But the problem with me is I am unable to express my feelings to her with a fear of being denied.. Actually the communication between us will stop if it happens and that is killing me.. I don't know...

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by Ana

Hai... Today i wisht to share my true love story wid u my frnds,n i hope u will like my story,n ur comments to my story will make me to feel happy so plz all my story readers dont forget to send ur comment because urzs each n every comments r like precious blessings on my love.... Now i start to share my story,I am not very good at eng so if i did anything wrong then plz forgive me,It was on oct 15th,when i was chating wid my fb frnds,i saw the notification that "Today is .... B'day" (sry...

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Once.. My "He"

by aHappyMe

I'm not a writer,jst thought of giving a try by writing my feelings here in simple words, hope you'll all like it :) I fell in love... He is good..very loving... Friendship... love... brk ups... these are the very common blessings (nd heartaches too) which each one of us long for... He steps into my life,nd my whole world becomes a paradise..every second I dream abt it,nothng seems more perfect than this relation..our relation..our blessed love... nd then I become confident that nothing can do us apart... Our pure love... Different frm everyone's love... Why?... I dnt I jst...

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Love that brings out best in you!!

by Priya

A most often used word all over the word and a word used among all the generations. Is it just a word or just an emotion? I have given it a thought many times but in the end i think no matter how much practical we become but words can never do any justice to definition of love. Everyone has their own definition and their own way to express it. Some do it by saying it then some will show it in their actions and some people keep it silently in their heart while doing everything for their loved ones...

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Best friends...

by lovvy0lovely0love

11th grade, New school, new kids around bt still d old me. Couple days after the frist day in school i was up to hook up with the girl at the corner so i walked to talk to her bt i didn't know wa to say so i complained da her fingers so cute. As an answer she ignored me. a week later i decided to say sorry fo wa happend but, she was sitting, eating dates and laughing with her friend. it doesn't matter, i went to their seat with the thought of apologizing bt when i went there...

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by Rickey

Nish was my child wood classmate friend . and her parents like me as there own son .but they are poor family...after few years later she graduated her school....and look forward to find some job..after 3 months later she was rejected from her work .bcz of her back ground was poor and no body support her..than she asked me to earn some money to look after her own family... her family nwant me to merry with her ....she except to merry me ...but I say I am sorry I can't.... bcz I am gay .and she suicide ...the end

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My Best Friend

by JohnathanTaylor

I met her ten years ago, today. She is a confident adrenaline junky and I was a quiet homebody, we were a couple that seems completely ridiculous for each other from the outside but completely right everywhere else. When we met every detail of it felt completely right. The conversations flowed so smoothly.. We talked about her past and mine, shared a few laughs and couldn't believe what we saw in each other. As I walked her to her car I was steadily thinking that this is the woman for me and that I need to have her...

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My sun

by Alex

There is a girl in my school. We always considered her to be rather...wild. She is rude and loud and boyish. And she was quite lonely, to be honest. I'd never talked to her properly. Then one day I noticed how she was protecting one of underachievers from bullies. I went to help her. She wasn's happy and screamed at me something about her not being that weak to need help. But then somehow we began to talk. She appeared to be nice and actually kind. She can play the guitar, loves to play computer games. We played together. I...

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Enjoying d feel of being loved

by shantichandra

He has snt me a fnd request to fb. smhw I hv acceptd his request. vn I was online chatng wid ma clasmates, he msgd me ''hai'' , bt I neglctd his msg as I did nt knw him evn though he wz ma schoolmate. he msgd me hai for two to three days.. as a formality I hv also wishd him 'hello'. very soon I hv found dt he wz a fun lovng guy.. I wz astonishd to knw dt he z close fnd of my close fnd. our fndshp grew well coz of our common fnd. v frequently...

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Paranoid and Over Protective Parents

by DamnLife

So, let me begin my ever so shitty life. You see, I'm an only child. I grew up without my parents because they work abroad so that they can give me a happy and satisfied life. Ever since I was a kid I never saw them once. Until I was on grade 4. When I turned 11. They came back home. That was the first time I saw them. Here's the thing... so usually I should be happy right? But...damn! Hell to the NO! Ever since they came back THEY NEVER LET ME OUT OF THE HOUSE! I MEAN,...

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was in relation now v r friends

by amy

Neja is a simple woman. She's separated from a 5 years relationship, she decided not to commit anymore. She keeps on praying and praying for the right guy but seems nothing comes on her way. Her qualifications for a man is hardly to find. Then after three years of praying for the wrong one. She decided to ask God for a sign and ask God to send Him His will for her. After a couple of weeks, a young man came in front of her but she doesn't like him. For her, it was not the guy she's praying...

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Unexpected Love

by Neha

Neja is a simple woman. She's separated from a 5 years relationship, she decided not to commit anymore. She keeps on praying and praying for the right guy but seems nothing comes on her way. Her qualifications for a man is hardly to find. Then after three years of praying for the wrong one. She decided to ask God for a sign and ask God to send Him His will for her. After a couple of weeks, a young man came in front of her but she doesn't like him. For her, it was not the guy she's praying...

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It's my love story

by lovely

Hi...dis z lovely...n i have a lovely love story here for u guys..dnt feel bored reading dis if its too long .....hiz name name z sandeep....v r in relation from 4 years...frst year v were so happy..exicted..n had unconditional love for each otherother even though v both r apart da sake of my studies...later in da second year da things became upside down...he got a friend(girl)...sandeep looks really handsome n he has got very innocent face ...she lookz hot attrattractive...they were frns when v r apart only...but he dint change..his love was same..but they became close when i came close...

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Its taking a really long time

by pink

To start with, we didn't had a perfect start. There was some misunderstandings, and he texted me to sort it out and we've been talking since then and its almost 8 months since we started talking to him. But we have known each other since 2 years now. Now the problem is that although we are not dating other peoples and have closed all the opportunity of dating other peoples things are not working. No one wants to confess his or her feelings and now even though I like him I want to date other guys. But doing that is...

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Love does not couse a thing

by thabiso mogomotsane

The days I will never forget. I thought I was in love but I told my self lairz and I asked my self how could normal person do prombles was compitetion I had towards my friends. my friends were dating soooo many awesome girls but me I could'nt. I tried to tell some few girls how I felt about them,they just laugh at m as if I do not dasevir to be loved even my friends did so and I felt so alone becouse my friends started acting MISDEMEANOUR only becouse I had no money to buy beautiful cloth'

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School love birds

by soul mate

hi,i love a boy deeply from my heart. it was started when we were in high school.he was also in my class.on first day i didn't even noticed him.introduction of our by teacher was going on.that was the first time i saw him. after some days he started talking to me. but i was not intrested so much.i always ignore him by talking to some other students in the class.but he doesn't lose hope.actually i was known to his feelings and i was maintaining the distance becuase i belong to a family which does not approve such things.also my brother's...

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I Met Him In A Game

by TheGirlYouForgotten

First of all. I know much of you will say or think that I'm pathetic for falling in love with a guy whom I've never met. But, if you were on my place i think you'd understand. Okay, let me begin. It all started when I downloaded this game on my phone. It's called Party In My Dorm/PIMD. It's a great game though. Okay back to the topic. It was September 7, 2013 when I followed someone on that game. I didn't expect him to follow me back though. But he did. So, every night we chatted non-stop. Even...

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I do love you

by manu

hi guys..dis s manu n my lovers name s ammu.. she s a tamil girl. i saw her on my 1st day of col..i hav seen so many girls but i hav never felt to spend time with any of them.wen i saw her at first i felt to share everything wth her n make her my friend. but after sme days without knowing i started to love her.but i came to knw tht she s already committed to sme1 else.but i didnt stop luving her.den i didnt tel my luv to her. After 2years,my friend gave intro to her...

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Getting marry to my best friend's Husband

by mignon

Hello readers, This guy am getting marry to used to be my X boy friend's friend & also used to be my best friend's husband. i've known him for almost 5yrs now & we were always closed we does everything together & we had no secret.. he tells me everyting even when he used to had a fights with his wife and i always advice him as a brother & a friend. his wife took him for granted & had respect for him. he always complains about it that he got married to the wrong woman & not the wife...

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My kumar my only love

by Sweety

Hi !! my love is my kumar and i'm ankitha.both of us are same age group that is 24.we are in good job but in different companies. My lovely baby kumar is a very handsome and attractive boy. Any girl can fall for him easily. His way of talking , his attitude everything is just superb. I was not interested in love and also not had belief in love. But he the guy made me to fall in love with him slowly. He proposed me 1st day of our meet itself. But i didn't accept. Later on...

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